Munich – Day Two

Day 67

12th of September

As I said in the last post our mission is to drink beer in steins and try the pork knuckle! We had planned to go to Dachau today since that was our main priority but they aren’t open on Mondays so we will have to do it tomorrow instead, or so we thought (read the next post for details)

We got up and headed into the city centre on the metro and then Rhys gave me his best “hisstory telling” tour around Munich. This is where Rhys shows me all the main sights, using his map, and then gives me his version of the history of them … which is all completely fictional … hence the name “hisstory telling” We got to see all the main significant buildings and parks around.
Munich is another one of those places that makes you feel like you are stepping back in time but then you turn a corner and see modern architecture. Very cool!
Lunch was McDonalds, very traditional! We are looking for a pork knuckle snack later though so we thought we would stick to food we know first haha.
We walked for a while and then found a nice park to chill in for a while which was nice. Feeling a bit tired today and missing home a lot, even in a beautiful setting like this.
We soon found Hofbräuhaus, the most famous beer hall in Munich! Since we are just missing out on the Octoberfest festivities we needed to find the busiest beer hall around. This place was huge! It would take thousands of people for it to look busy, but they had pork knuckle on the menu and 1L steins and thats what we were looking for!
What a feast! The pork was great it came with a gravy and a dumpling on the side and for dad and Scott at home, yes … the crackling was to die for! Between the two of us this was TOO MUCH FOOD! and too much meat for me, and I am not a big pork fan as many know! But it was definitely a good thing to do while in Munich. The main struggle was finishing 1L of beer … oh man! Rhys finished his, mainly because he wanted to beat me! haha and I drank too quickly to try and catch up that I honestly thought I would vomit haha so I ended up leaving a little in my stein and I am devastated I didn’t finish it! Rhys said he felt a million bucks for finishing it, but insisted we go back to the hotel so he could lie down and die haha! I didn’t feel great after all the pork and beer either, why we didn’t expect this to happen I’m not sure.
We rested and napped at the hotel for an hour or so before heading out, it was almost dark by now but we wanted to see the Allianz arena at night and fairgrounds where the Octoberfest is being held to see what it will be like for our friends that are getting to go. The arena was pretty spectacular, although I was disappointed it wasn’t red hehe
When we arrived at the grounds, although dark and still under construction, we were blown away!!! To my readers attending this years Octoberfest festivities, you are going to have the time of your lives!! There were giant beer halls, rides, food areas, beer halls, and oh! did I mention beer halls? All elaborately decorated it’s pretty amazing and I can imagine with all the lights and music it will be a pretty crazy time!
We are sad we are missing out and by less than a week too! So sad, but oh well! We have plenty more years in our life to attend at least one haha!
We walked right the way through the main strip where the halls are until we came out on the other side, found the metro and caught it to the center of town to get some dinner, a very late dinner, but a good one! The restaurant was only servving pizza at this point but that suited Rhys fine haha!
We both got a salami pizza, on second thoughts we should have just got one because they came out and they were the size of the table haha! Mine was shaped in a love heart from the chef who we watched spin our dough and make our pizzas in front of us! Awesome! Great pizza too but there was enough to feed us for a week!!
We tried to walk home after eating and what should have been a 15 minute walk turned into over an our, in all kinds of wrong directions haha! This is our way after all! We are clueless! Tomorrows plans are to go to Dachau, which is the concentration camp closest to Munich and will be very interesting, and fairly confronting but I am interested to see it.