Munich – Day Three … oh wait no, Zurich!

So we got up early … for us (10.30 haha) and got ready to head to Dachau, this is something I was looking forward to seeing as I have a real interest in World War II history. As we are about to leave Rhys asks “Erin, I was going to ask you earlier, are you sure we are here for 3 nights?” We have been at the last couple places for 3 nights and we have kinda got into that routine very comfortably! When he said this I panicked because I remembered Munich wasn’t high on my list as somewhere I wanted to spend a lot of time and it’s lucky he asked because looking at the itinerary I see we are actually scheduled to be on a train to Zurich today! Aghhh!

By now it was like 11.30 and I first worried we were outside of our check-out time, then I looked at our train tickets to see we have missed our train by 3 hours!!! What if we don’t get another, and then the worst feeling hit me, we wont get to see Dachau and I was really interested in seeing it. I needed to get over the bad feelings and just get on with it though. We packed up very efficiently and were out of the hotel in 15 mins, our checkout wasn’t till 12:00 so we were fine. We got to the station and there was a train in 30 minutes to Zurich, and not only just a train but a DIRECT train, which means we will arrive 1 hour after we would have originally arrived anyway! What luck!!
It proves it’s worth buying train tickets last minute! Wow DIRECT? why didn’t the ticket people tell us about this train! Then we got the perfect seats on the train, so our day is looking up! and the best news is … we are heading to SWITZERLAND!!! ahhh yay! This is something I have been dreaming about for such a long time! It looks like the most beautiful place on the planet so I can’t wait!
The train ride was great we just watched “Game of Thrones” and I ate my strawberry tartlet that I got on the way to the train.
We got to Zurich, it’s very expensive! It is the 6th most expensive city in the world afterall and it’s a pretty confusing place to try to figure out in terms of trains trams and buses, we caught the metro to the closest station to our hotel, or so we thought and walked. What a walk!! Very pretty but it was a bit of a trek, and uphill! We walked through the area of Adliswil which is a very cute little postcard town, little rivers, children playing set on the mountainside with clean fresh air. Very pretty and I would have been glad to stay there but we had to walk a couple kms out as our hotel is closer to the city. I have never been happier to see a hotel, and my arm felt as though it would break off with all the weight it was pulling but we got to the hotel 🙂 and settled in. Please note: Pictured below, Rhys’ hotel ritual to lay out his toiletries in the bathroom, what a dag
We were so tired after all the walking we thought we would just stay in tonight, eat at the hotel restaurant and then chill and watch a couple more episodes of “Game of Thrones”.
We went to the restaurant and I got the beef stroganoff, no where near as good as my mums! So sad cos I could really go some of my mums cooking right now!! Rhys got the burger, both our meals went down well though, then we raided their vending machines, water cost 4.50 CHF which is about 5 Australian dollars! Thats insane! and the water doesn’t taste as nice as it does in Australia… strangely enough!
It was nice to have a bit of a rest, tomorrow we will explore the rest of Zurich! From what I have seen already it is very picturesque so I am excited!