Day 69

14th of September

After a nice rest we headed down to the bus stop to get into the city, since buses and trams are much easier than the train system, cheaper too! We got off and used the map to take a really nice walking tour right the way through the city! It was awesome! I decided to be Rhys’ “hisstory teller” for the day but Rhys is obviously better than me at it, or so he thinks haha!

We probably started our walk at about 12:30 after grabbing some lunch and we finished at about 6:30! It was intense but there is so much to see and do here! and we managed to pack it into one day. We managed to see a lot of the old churches around the town, looked in the boutiques and funky shops, bought a few souvenirs, my favourite thing to do and stopped for coffee and tea at a cute cafe in the “trendy area” haha according to the map.
The city is beautiful! I love all the narrow streets, and pretty buildings with their countries flag hung everywhere. Being near the water is always nice too. It was quite a relaxing stroll around the place too, not like other cities where everything seems to be a rush and there are people everywhere. Nice change! We went to the Kunsthaus art gallery and saw art by Picasso and Vincent Van Gough, Monet and many others … for free! Who knew free fun in Zurich!
After the gallery we headed to the waterfront and found a restaurant that served the kinds of food we would buy at home, since food from home is hard to find in other countries funnily enough haha. We got a potato and leek soup to share that was hearty and delicious! I ordered the carpaccio … again!! haha I have a problem! It’s always good though, and nice and light. Rhys got a really nice grilled chicken dish with a herb butter and fries, so we had a pretty good feed and it wasn’t as expensive as some of the places we have seen around. I left my jumper on my seat accidentally, but I found myself relieved because it was just an old cardigan and maybe my bag will be lighter for losing it? haha wishful thinking!
We bought some snacks from a grocery store in town that was insane! The ingredients were very inspiring! I want to cook!!! haha
We found a tram easy enough and we headed back to the hotel so that Rhys can hopefully catch a Man U game thats on at 8:30 and I bought the book of “Game of Thrones” and I can’t wait to lose myself in it! Should have taken AAron Moss’ recommendation to buy this about a year ago but better late than never! got to the room and found myself writing this blog! I will read my book soon, my readers are my priority!
Tomorrow we are going to Lucerne! Wait for some pretty scenery people this place is supposed to be stunning! Can’t wait to share!!