We went down the the station after check out time and thought it would be good to get some food to take on the train, a Burger King was near by and our train left soon so we figured this would be fine. We only ordered two Whoppers and two large cokes and we were completely shocked by the total it was 26 swiss francs!!! That is $28!! Thats insanity! So this just shows how much more expensive it is here than anywhere else in the world! Whatever you pay for something at home just be prepared to pay double in Zurich, or probably most places in Switzerland!

We got on our train ate our burgers and before we knew it we were already in Lucerne, it’s only a 1 hour trip afterall! Our hotel was quite close to the station so it was easy to find unlike some of the other places we have had to find throughout the trip! haha The room is very basic, the toilet is basically in the room with a swing door with a hole as a handle to divide us. You have to know someone very well to stay in a place like this! haha They have added some very funky LED lights around the room to make up for the lack of privacy so thats a bonus 😉 haha
The bed is pretty comfortable and the TV has MTV so we are pretty stoked!
Rhys and I read for a little while and then we headed out to get some dinner, there were so many great places along the way but we wanted to head over the river where the main action is and we are glad we took the walk because this place is stunning! and as it got dark it got even better!
There is a festival on in the city at the moment too, there are people everywhere! All dressed in their tuxedos which they probably wear to do the gardening here anyway! haha
We got to the other side of the bridge and found the most amazing chocolate shop, now I am not a chocolate fan but they have something for everyones tastes! White milk chocolate with raspberry pieces inside. This stuff is insanely good! I will actually be going back tomorrow to see if I can buy another bar! We bought a disgusting amount of chocolate and then walked to the water to a restaurant to have dinner, I had a great tomato and courgette seafood spaghetti and Rhys had … you know it! The Diavola Pizza! Seriously though I don’t think we can afford to eat out at this place like we do normally, it’s pricey! and not the same quality that you expect for what you pay! but a bonus is you don’t tip here! haha
We spent the rest of the evening walking, taking photos and exploring the place at night. It is beautiful and I can’t wait to see it during the day!
Ooh! For my design friends I have seen so many great poster designs and other stuff, tonight I came across a really great idea for a brochure fold, you may have seen his before but I haven’t so here it is:
It opens out on both sides I guess it’s an accordion fold, vey cool