Lucerne – Day Three

Day 72

17th of September

(Sorry it took me a while to get this up, believe it or not it’s harder to get wifi in the alps than you think 😉 haha )

Today was a day about relaxing! The cheese festival was in town and we weren’t too keen to try much! When we got into town we were even less keen, the smell was pretty pungent. I am sure that means there was tasty cheese around, but this is a lactose intolerants nightmare! haha We walked around the town anyway and looked at the main festivities until we worked up a bit of an appetite.

We walked along the waterfront and found a nice little brewery and thought a couple big beers and some grub would be a great idea! and it was! I just got a big bowl of fries and ketchup because you can’t go wrong and Rhys got a chicken fillet dish which he seemed to really enjoy. The beer went down a treat! Exactly what we needed! The beer is pretty good here!
After lunch we were pretty tired but we walked over to a spot on the water where people were feeding the swans. We sat there for quite a while just taking in the scenery! Lucerne is so pretty! We were also mesmerised by the lady who was asking her husband to take photos of her for a good 15 minutes haha it may have been longer because they were still going as we left haha! She was getting so mad at him for not getting the photo she wanted haha and then the moment the camera pointed at her, those angry faces turned into sweet smiles. Funny to watch.
We organised our train travel for the next day and then we went back to have a little nap. We felt so tired today for some reason. Soon it was time to eat, we went to a restaurant near by, they were very full but the waitress recommended we order a take-away from them. Which suited us perfectly. I ordered a chilli beef pasta, which looked hideous but tasted great and Rhys got the DIAVOLA PIZZAAA!! hahaha We got a beer and a couple cokes, sat and watched some English TV that we found and chilled out. It was really nice.
Tomorrow is a big day of train travel we are going from Lucerne to Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen and then on a cable car up to Murren so we rested for the next day, or tried to, I didn’t sleep very well here and probably got 3 hours of sleep. Rhys seemed to sleep well which is good. At least one of us wont be a zombie tomorrow hehe!