Day 73

18th of September

We left Lucerne at about 9:30 in the morning and took the panorama train towards Interlaken. The train ride was the most scenic of the trip so far. Along the coast of Lake Lucerne! Stunning! Crisp light blue waters and vivid green grass! Beautiful! The experience would have been very peaceful and life affirming if it weren’t for the group of japanese tourists leaning over everywhere and the sounds of shutters going off every second, really no exaggeration … I mean I am guilty of taking a lot of photos, but they put me to shame! I would love to see what they do with all these photos they take! Do they have amazing photo albums at home? Or do they have an epic file management system on their computers? haha just a thought …

When we got to Interlaken we took the connecting train to Lauterbrunnen. We stopped there because I have seen photos of it while doing my travel research and I wanted to see what it was like up close. Lauterbrunnen is known for its valley setting with cliff faces and mountain bordering the town with huge waterfalls gushing down the cliff face over the town. With beautiful green feilds around and a view of the snowy alps it’s stunning to see! It was quite foggy the day we were here though so we couldn’t see the alps, so I hadn’t seen snow yet, but I was hopeful I would see it within the next day.

We stopped to have a bite to eat at a hotel in Lauterbrunnen. The potato rosti is a specialty around here, and the alpine cheese is also a very popular choice so I decided to get the “trucker rosti”, which is a potato rosti topped with a beef sauce, cheese and bacon! Heart attack worthy! Delicious, but it could kill you! haha! Rhys got a burger and he loved it!

We got our tickets for the cable car to get to Murren. It was raining and there was a lot of fog so there wasn’t much of a view on the way up in the car or on the train that pulls right into Murren, but I was just happy because it was so cold and I love the rain so it is perfect already!

Our hotel is just outside the station which is convenient and we settled in quickly and were excited to get out and explore the little town. Hotel Eiger Guest House, very comfortable and the staff are lovely that work there!

We borrowed a hotel umbrella and headed outside into the rain, or so we thought we walked up the hill and started to see it wasn’t rain we were in at all! It was snow!!! Very light snow, but I WAS WALKING IN SNOW!! ARGHH! so exciting! I have never seen snow before so this was a pretty big deal for me! We ran around in it and had a bit of a laugh, it was funny until I realised that my shoes were filled with water from walking in puddles and my toes felt as if they would fall off! We went back to the hotel to warm our feet by the heater, have a wine and use the wifi!

Soon it was dinner time, it was very cold outside so we just stayed at the hotel restaurant. Very glad we did! I had the pumpkin ravioli and Rhys had a steak, I’m sorry guys I didn’t get photos but this was one of the yummiest meals, so homely and tasty! This food made me happy and the fries that came with Rhys’ meal were sooooo good! Maybe the best tasting fries I have had! The potatoes taste different up here.

We had an early night, watched more Game of Thrones and planned our next day! Jungfreau here we come!!