After the dreamy heights of being in the alps it was time to get back to reality and get on that cable car down to Lauterbrunnen. It was another crystal clear day. When we got into the town it was beautiful being able to see past where the fog had been the other day and admire the view of the alps through the town, past the stunning waterfalls that fall into Lauterbrunnen. We didn’t have very much time to enjoy the view though as our train came quickly and took us to Interlaken for our very short connection train to Bern. Everything is so close by in Switzerland!

When we got to Bern we weren’t sure at all where we were going! I hadn’t put the location into the maps on my phone, my brain must have been working slower in the cold! We spent a while trying to figure out the metro or tram system as we do everywhere we go – with a lot of frustration! After a while we decided a cab would be the best idea! It was a 5 minute trip in a cab at the cost of 18 CHF … ooh might not do that again in Switzerland haha!

We arrived safely at hotel Waldhorn, checked in and had a little rest. Even the short journeys can take it out of you! and we use travel days as an excuse to be lazy … It is a good one I thought 😉 haha I got to chat to my family for a bit on Skype too which was pretty awesome! Then we thought we should head into town and grab some food! The tram ride was ridiculously easy and made us feel stupid for not knowing the way to the hotel, but it’s always easier doing anything when you aren’t carrying 35kgs of junk between you… thats right people our bags are now heavier than they were before we mailed stuff back! Time to try out the postage system in another country! Wooo!!! I think I will choose an English speaking country next time though! haha

The city of Bern is very romantic and pretty looking by day! Archways, gorgeous old architecture and miles and miles of shops, it’s a shame those miles and miles of shops were all shutting their doors as we reached them haha but we managed to get a couple cheese burgers at good old McDonalds, which is always good and we just sussed out the main centre of town! We decided to just go back to the hotel before dark and make the most of the amazing wifi we had in our room! We aren’t very dedicated travellers on train days!! But we got a map with another trail marked out for a city walk so tour guide Erin will be out in full force tomorrow!!

When we got back to our hotel after our cheese burger eating was over I checked my blog to see I had a ridiculous amount of views on my blog today and it looks like WordPress featured me on their “Freshly Pressed” section on the front page! I was so completely stoked!! Rhys wouldn’t let me sleep until I got 1000 views and I exceed that in the first few hours WOW!! I have had some lovely people comment on my page and I now have a few more subscribers who will probably be reading this now! Thank you to every single one of you for subscribing … YES YOU! and thanks to everyone who clicked the link to my post and kept reading 😉 haha I hope to entertain you more over the duration of my trip and beyond! Freshly Pressed … wow! So happy!

Thanks WordPress! You rock!!