New things to come!

My travels will be over very soon! In two days actually! I bet you are wondering where my blog will go from here? To the people who are following me and read my post regularly, my posts will be evolving. Thank you for following me so far and hopefully you will enjoy the new change and stick with me!

I love photography and design and after travelling I have decided to make a go of it up until the new year and see if I can make a living out of this. If all goes well I will develop the business further into 2012. I hope so! My posts will all be about starting this business up and the photo shoots/design that I will be doing. I recently bought a lighting set up too so you will probably see a lot of my experiments! I have to say I am very excited about this change in my life!

Please support this big new exciting adventure I am about to begin by liking my facebook page, which is still very much in production while I am travelling.

Click here and like … woo!Thank you for all your views so far people! Don’t worry there is still a few travel posts to go, more of Edinburgh and one more day in London so there is a little bit more travelling to read about! Hope you enjoy the new changes over the next few months 🙂