Edinburgh – Day Two

Day 87

3rd of October

Today we got up and had a nice breakfast of baked beans, sausages and toast! MMmm Then we set up the computer and Skyped my sister and the folks. We wanted to have a chat with them to get any advice on things to see and do while we are here and it was just nice to hear their voices and I got to see baby Mckenzie, who almost looks like a fully grown adult now. She is getting so big! haha just kidding, but she really is growing too fast!

We wanted to get some washing done, so we spent the morning washing and drying! Guess what everyone! We managed to wash and dry with minimal fuss! Every washer and dryer we have seen so far has come with problems, but the instructions we were given here were fool-proof haha!

Before we knew it, it was lunch time, so we thought it was a better time than any to try the ‘Smoked sausage supper” Another Scottish must try! It was very good! Smoked sausages are one of my dads favourite things. Again we had it with yummy brown sauce so I was a happy person eating my lunch today!

At 5.00pm we went to meet my cousin Bruce at the Greyfriars Bobby pub. When I saw him arrive I was so happy I got a little teary! It’s been a long time since we saw him last. He had a health scare during the year and it was just so great to see him looking so healthy! Being in his company is always a good laugh, so it was good to see him and have a good belly giggle about all the funny situations he has gotten himself into over the years. We had a beer and caught up on what we have missed since we saw each other last. After we finished our drinks we left the bar and visited the Greyfriars cemetery (under dads recommendation) nearby. If you don’t know the story of the Greyfriars Bobby you are about to … haha

Greyfriars Bobby was a terrier who, a long time ago, spent 14 years visiting and guarding his dead owners grave, until he himself died and they made a monument in honour of the his loyalty. It is one of the most photographed monuments in the UK. It has also been made into a movie. I love dogs so this story touched me! I wonder if Baxter would do that for me … who am I kidding, he has probably forgotten I exist already! Although I do have dreams he will hop on a plane and find me over here because he misses me so much … haha yeah, yeah I know, I’m crazy!

After seeing this we headed to to another bar, Deacon Brodie’s Tavern, which was recommended by my dad (yes another recommendation). We chatted there for a while with a beer until it got dark and we thought we would head to one last pub and then part ways.

We arranged to meet up with Bruce on Wednesday and hang out during the day, so we said our goodbyes and then Rhys and I went to our local take away to get a scottish pie to snack on and share … YUMMMM! and then we went to the apartment and I made chicken salad and potatoes! (Theres another pic thrown in there of the next days breaky too hehe)

Tomorrow we are going to go to Juniper Green, which is where my dad grew up. I am really looking forward to this!