Day 86

After a very short stay, we caught a cab to the Lime Street train station (in Liverpool) to get to Edinburgh. We wished we had been able to spend a couple more days in here, we didn’t get to see much and it seems to be quite a happening place!

The train took a while, we got off at Manchester to change trains and then a few hours later we arrived in Edinburgh Waverley Station. We decided to catch another cab since they seem pretty reasonable in the UK and we had no idea where we were going. We were meeting the apartment owner at 6:15pm out the front, we arrived a little early so we took our bags down to the Grassmarket and got a couple beers. The first of many to be had in Edinburgh, I am sure!

Before we went down to the pub I took a moment to take it all in. We were in Edinburgh. The last new location on our amazing tour around Europe and the UK and I am now here in the city that my parents spent so much of there life. I gotta say I got a little emotional, little tears of happiness and also a little sad that I couldn’t be here with my sister and my parents to experience this place with them. I can’t wait to explore and see the things that my parents have seen while they were here since this place was an important part of their lives, they met here after all 🙂

We went to the Beehive Inn and the beer went down a treat! We headed back to the apartment and shortly after the apartment owner was there and he took us up the 9 flights of stairs to our flat. Poor Rhys, carrying my bag all that way up! The apartment owner took the other bag. It was worth it when we reached the top thought because this place it beautiful!! So homely, cosy and has everything we need!! A gorgeous kitchen with basic ingredients and utensils, a clothes washer and dryer. A really comfy bedroom and great lounge area. All really tastfully decorated and in a nice central location! Only have great things to say about this place. It’s called the Grey Friars Attic apartment

We settled in, watched Fresh Prince of Bel air …. which was freaking hilarious! and then we went across the road to get some fish and chips with brown sauce, a major priority on my list of must do’s in Edinburgh. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more! We also got a deep fried Mars bar, it needed to be done! Not as scary as I thought it would be but that didn’t mean we wanted to finish it … no way! I like my healthy heart the way it is.

After dinner we made the trek out to look for a shop to buy some groceries, so I can cook throughout the week. I love being in the kitchen! I walked us in circles round the area until we found a Sainsbury’s up the road. We got heaps of food and snacks to last us while we are here.

We had an easy night in planning what we wanted to do throughout the week. Tomorrow I get to see my cousin Bruce! So excited! It’s been too long!