Day 85 … Wow almost over!

We left our accomodation in London and caught one of those great double decker red buses to the station. We then took the underground to Euston station for our national rail train to Liverpool. They sold wifi on the train so I was entertained for a while, we seemed to get there in no time and we arrived in Liverpool late in the afternoon.

We decided to catch a cab to our hotel, it looked like a bit of a trek and after carting our bag through the London transport system, up and down stairs through the crowds, a cab seemed like a great choice! I wasn’t sure how to take the driver, I tried to tell him where we were going first before hopping in, because thats how it has worked EVERYWHERE else! He snapped “Just get in” then said “Your not in London now” and had a rant about how bad the drivers are in London… So I thought he was a bit of an ass to be honest! But we spoke to him for a while, and I think he just has a very dry negative humour. He told us we chose the worst day to come and that we would see nothing in a day haha. He also told us that we wont like Scotland and there is nothing there to see. Nice guy! Maybe he should stick to driving cabs! He would make a terrible travel agent haha!
The hotel is great! There was a nice bath and I haven’t had one in so long so I thought I would take the opportunity 🙂 It was lovely just relaxing in the peace and quiet. We got ready and thought we should at least see a bit of Liverpool, even if it was getting dark. It wasn’t a far walk to the centre of town, we looked around for quite a while, all the shops were closed but the place was still fairly busy.
We stumbled across one of the Jamie Oliver restaurants and we HAD to eat here! Although the wait was huge! When we got there at first it was a 45 minute wait, we thought we would sum up our options and check out a few other places before waiting, just incase. We tried a couple restaurants down the road, the wait was just as long! Liverpool restaurants are very busy on Saturday night! We went back to Jamie Oliver’s Italian Kitchen. If we were going to wait 45 minutes for food, it could only be his. It didn’t take long till we were inside and able to get a drink at the bar while we waited for our table.
The interior is amazing! Beautifully decorated and screams Jamie Oliver charm! Rustic wood tables and benches, bare brick walls, steel structures and chalk boards everywhere! So rustic and beautiful. We were given a beeper so we knew when our table was ready and it didn’t take as long as we expected.
When we looked at the menu, we wanted to order everything! It was all worded so nicely. We ordered the olives on ice, the meat plank (which has cheeses, cured meats and a little salad) and the crab meat bruschetta for our starters. So delicious! Every mouthful was so full of flavour! Mains, Rhys ordered a burger and chips and I got the scallops and squid ink spaghetti. I usually get full very quickly, but it was so tasty, I couldn’t stop eating! We even got dessert, I got a meringue dish with summer fruits and cream and Rhys got the “ultimate chocolate brownie” We didn’t like the desserts as much as we liked our mains, but it was a truly amazing meal! and it was so reasonably priced too! Definitely recommend it!
After dinner we walked through town until we made our way to the “Cavern Corner” I am not sure if anywhere else does nightlife like Liverpool! It is insane! The music is so loud on the streets from all the clubs being so close to each other, that you may as well be in a bar on the street! People everywhere, all ready to party in mostly good spirits! It was so cool! I couldn’t help but feel happy around here! We went to the Cavern Club, which any Beatles fan will already know about. It is famously known for being frequented by the Beatles for many of their gigs and appearances, 292 to be precise! We watched some of the performances there and had a drink.
We soon headed back, feeling very sleepy and excited to get to Scotland tomorrow! 🙂 Not really sure when our train leaves since our tickets don’t say much, but we will figure it out! Can’t wait to see my cousin Bruce and his lovely lady Ali!