London … again!

We checked out of our hotel and caught the metro to the main station. We got there easily enough and went through the customs. I got hammered with questions by the customs officer, which was fun? Maybe I just look dodgy haha! Then we boarded our train to London!! We are super excited about heading back to an english speaking country, it’s been a really long time!

When we got to London we couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces. One step closer to home! I have loved the trip but the idea of home right now is very exciting!! We topped up our oyster passes, headed to the national rail service and booked our tickets to Liverpool and Scotland. VERY EXPENSIVE!
We got on the metro and headed to Sloane Square and took the long walk to the hotel. We stayed closer to an underground station last time we were in London, and it was very expensive for average quality, so we thought this time we would go a little bit out for great quality at a better price. We are staying in a 4 star hotel on the Chealsea Bridge. It is beautiful! A quick bus ride to the stations, so it was perfect for us! Our room is stunning and very comfortable, and there is a spa and pool downstairs, but we didn’t have the chance to use it.
We headed out to Victoria Station and walked around London from there. It is so busy! I don’t remember it being this busy when we were here last, but I am sure it was.
I really wanted to get my hair cut in London. I went to the Toni&Guy in Sloane square, it is the original Toni&Guy and they know hair! I was so scared! I have been growing my hair long for years, but I had the sudden impulse to cut it all off! haha I went in and managed to get an appointment so it was meant to be. It’s all gone now, nice and short with cute bangs! Feels good not having crazy long hair to detangle every night!
Here is a before and after for you, what do you like best?
After getting my hair done, we wanted to grab a bite to eat so we caught the underground to South Kensington and found a nice little French restaurant and I got the scallops and Rhys got a yummy lamb dish! Delicious! Desserts were a chocolate Fondant for Rhys and the Creme Brulee for me. Which made me feel like vomiting later I don’t know why I persist with foods like this! They just don’t agree with me! haha
We went back to the hotel and watched Movies on the TV for hours! Just having english speaking shows on TV whenever you like is a major thing for us right now! Tomorrow we are catching the train for a night in Liverpool! Looking forward to it