Day 83

We went to Amsterdam Central station and managed to find our way to the international trains with a little help, it’s not very well sign posted here! The train was pretty quick and after a short nap we were in Brussels. The place is beautiful! We thought catching a cab would be easier, the roads are quite windy and it would have been a bit of a trek!

Our cab driver was a real character, he was giving us a guided tour along the way and making jokes all the way to the hotel, it was a nice change from all the other drivers that don’t even respond to us when we thank them in their language haha! Our hotel was in a bit of a side street where there is a lot of construction going on.
This was one of the more expensive hotels at 160 euro a night, discounted from 250 euro and I must say if I paid that I would have been disappointed, but I didn’t so it was fine haha! We don’t have long here in Brussels so we chucked our stuff in the room and headed straight out.
We walked into the center of the shopping area of Brussels “Louise” then we walked toward old town for some lunch. We ended up at a nice little Belgian pub. I got a really yummy spaghetti and Rhys got lamb chops! Great food and accompanied with delicious raspberry beer! The Hoegarten Rose was fantastic!! I hope we can find it at home.
After we walked to the park in the centre of town and relaxed there for a while! I love parks in the centre of cities. So much peace in the midst of chaos, we were very relaxed after our park chill out so we went back to the hotel for a little rest.
I sat on my computer for a wee while and when I turned around, Rhys was fast asleep, he was shattered! I left him to have a little nap and I put my head down for a little while myself.
We wanted to head into the old town by night. It wasn’t a far walk and the place was busy with pubs and chocolate shops. These are two things that Belgium does VERY well! We went to the main square otherwise known as the Grand Place. It was stunning! One of the prettier squares we have seen on this trip.
With a little bit of walking we found the ‘Maneken Pis’ or ‘little man pee’. He is tiny! So much fuss over such a little thing haha.
It was so nice just walking around for hours, looking at all the different chocolate shops, enjoying our last night in a European country. On the long walk back to the hotel Rhys and I just chatted and laughed, reminiscing about our time in Europe. It was nice 🙂
I feel sad that our Europe trip has come to an end, but we have had so many great times, experienced so much and seen the most amazing things. We are really lucky that we were able to do this the way we have! We are off to London tomorrow, back to an english speaking country, and I gotta say I am very excited about it!
Goodbye beautiful Europe, you were amazing! Until we meet again … Ciao, Adios, Auf wiedersehen, Salut, yassou, goodbye and we will miss you!