Amsterdam – Day Three

28th of September

We dragged ourselves out of bed nice and early to make the most of the free hotel breakfast, but it was such a struggle that we went back to bed for a nap afterwards and slept way too long!! This didn’t stop us from doing all the things we wanted to do today though!!

We ventured out and found a nice little restaurant called “American Cafe” and they served amazingly presented and tasty dishes! Rhys got the beef entrecote with celeriac slices. YUM, I am completely obsessed with celeriac! Where do you get this stuff in Perth? Crazy good! I ordered the duck fillet with bacon jam and radish … oooh delish!
Fantastic feed but down to important business! We need to get to the Heineken Experience! Luckily it was a nice quick walk from the restaurant. The admission wasn’t cheap, but when you go through, you see why! It, like the Anne Frank Haus, is really well organised. The effects, videos and displays are fantastic and you really learn what the brand is all about. They taught us how to drink beer properly, how to pour beer properly and you get about 3 beers in total throughout the tour. There was even a 4D experience as if you are the beer being brewed. Very clever! We spent so long in there! We made videos and got pictures taken and emailed them home! (Expect some random strange video Kirsten haha) but before we knew it, it was almost closing time! We finished our beers and headed out.
The canal tour booth was a short walk up the road, we booked ourselves a seat on the 9:00pm ride and found an amazing restaurant for dinner. I can’t remember the name of it now, it was like MOMO or something, but they served Thai food and it was so tasty! I got the soft shell crab with a mango, chilli chutney and Rhys got the pork ribs in plum sauce. Yumm! the desserts were even better! I ordered the vanilla cheese cake, with raspberry coulis and fromage blanc sorbet. Too good! Rhys ordered the chocolate twist. Too much chocolate for my liking, but he loved it!
We killed enough time eating that it was time to board onto the canal cruiser. The canal tour was good, the guide told us some of the history of Amsterdam and we just enjoyed the sights. It wasn’t the easiest of boats to get photos on, but just sitting and looking was nice. Very relaxing.
This finished at about 11.00pm and we thought we would go back to the hotel and watch a movie in bed. early start tomorrow, we are headed to Brussels in Belgium! Our last European destination! I must say I am sad it’s almost over, but cannot wait to see my friends and family