Edinburgh – Day Five

Day 90

6th of October

Todays weather was so miserable! I didn’t mind the rain and cold in the earlier days, but today was a bit unbearable! I was so cold my face felt frozen and you could actually feel it defrost when you got inside and started warming up! My eyes were streaming with water constantly because the cold wind was cutting through me like a knife. I was wearing warm clothes, but clearly you need more than two jumpers on days like this! My hands hurt with the cold but we weren’t going to let this stop us from exploring! We wanted to go to Edinburgh Castle and the Edinburgh Museum and we were determined to get through the day without dying of cold.

First we headed to the castle, before we got there my boots were already soaked through with water and my toes were slowly dying haha! The castle was pretty incredible to see! I remember my mum saying she worked at the cafe there once when she was younger. We went and looked around for quite some time.
We saw where the royalty lived and ate, and looked through the exhibition that gave you a history of Scottish royalty and the crown jewels or the “Honours of Scotland”. There were also some interesting exhibits in the prison area. We spent a while looking around, but with it pouring down with rain and not having many undercover areas we thought we should head indoors to the Edinburgh Museum, we may be a bit warmer there!
We got a few photos of the amazing view from the castle walls and took the cold walk to the museum. This museum was fantastic and we really wished we had allowed more time to look around. There were heaps of really interesting, interactive activities for the kids here, and since we haven’t really grown up much, it was epic fun for us!
I love museums like this, I could spend days exploring but we couldn’t stay too long we had dinner at Heather’s, a wonderful family friend of ours and she is cooking us a Sunday dinner.
Rhys and I have been craving a Sunday dinner the whole trip! Nothing is better than a home cooked roast dinner! I couldn’t wait to see Heather, it’s been a long time since I saw her last but I always remember her being lovely when I was younger. We walked to George Street to get a bus to hers and we were going to call her when we arrived near her house and she would pick us up.
The bus ride didn’t take too long and soon we were there. We tried to call but I had the wrong number. It was freezing cold and we knew waiting wouldn’t be pleasant, so we used our newly discovered skills of fluking directions and managed to find her street on foot and her house number deep in the depths of text messages in my phone! Woo! We are starting to learn how to not get lost here people!
It must have been a surprise for her seeing us at her door! It was so good to see her! She doesn’t seem to have changed at all in all the years since I saw her last. Still the same happy, lovely person that I saw a long time ago! The cottage that she lives in is beautiful! A cosy character cottage with a stunning garden that she lovingly cares for.
We felt very at home here! We chatted away to Heather and a friend of hers from next door who popped by. Her two cats were very loving and welcoming. They made me miss my Baxter so much!
Soon it was time to eat. Heather had made a gorgeous tomato soup that I am dying to get the recipe for! I am usually not a fan of tomatoes but I loved this soup! Then shortly after she brought out a delicious roast with all the trimmings; roast potatoes, roasted vegetables, brussel sprouts, yorkshire puddings … the lot! AMAZING! We chatted and ate, it was really nice to catch up with her! Plus she is an amazing cook and host 🙂 Dessert was a home made baked apple pie from her own allotment. It was just the way I like it. Rhys and I were so happy! A home cooked meal was a welcome treat!
We sat to show Heather photos of our trip and chat and soon it was late and time to head home. Heather offered to drive us back which was nice. We said our goodbyes and hopefully I will get to see her again soon in the not to distant future 🙂 If you do read this Heather, thank you for you hospitality. You made us feel very at home and it was lovely to catch up with you again!