Edinburgh – Day Six

Day 91

7th October

Today we weren’t really sure what we were going to, we had originally planned to go to St Andrews but the weather didn’t seem sunny enough to make the long journey there, also there was so many more things to see in Edinburgh so we thought we would make the most of everything here first. We walked toward town and thought we would go to St Mary’s Close first.

St Mary’s Close is an underground city below the City Chambers in Edinburgh. Stories say that when the plague came into Edinburgh, they put the sick into the housing on this street and closed it off to the general public to stop the spread of disease. This isn’t true. It was a very typical street in Edinburgh with houses and buildings and even wealthy people living there but as the City Chambers expanded and the city started changing they decided to close it up and it was forgotten about until the 80’s.
The tour was very interesting though, it is a spooky place and many people did die there, even plague victims. It is one of the most haunted places in the world and there have been many sightings of ghosts and paranormal activity. I didn’t get any vibes but we were in a group of 20 people so I felt pretty safe. It’s definitely worth seeing! But if you want the spookier version, see if they do a night tour because the tour we were on was pretty kid friendly πŸ™‚
Next we took the walk toward Hollyrood palace, we decided not to do the tour, by now we we over castles and touristy stuff so we decided to walk into the city and check out some of the shops in Edinburgh. We had spent so much time souvenir shopping for our loved ones that we realised we hadn’t bought much for ourselves! We didn’t get a lot of shopping done but I got a few dresses and other things.
When we next looked at the time it was starting to head towards the evening so we went back to the apartment, to drop off our shopping and get freshened up to go to Bruce’s house and his lovely lady Ali. We met Bruce for a drink at the pub before and Ali came later with their dog Mojo! Mojo is a little jack russel and she is gorgeous! So much character! She was hassling Bruce to have a drink of his beer all night and licking his face … I didn’t cope well watching this haha
We walked to Bruce’s place, it was a short, but cold walk away haha. Bruce was also cooking us a Sunday dinner, chicken and gammon. I have never tried gammon so I am excited! We chatted and sussed out his apartment, realising Bruce was a giant geek was a surprise. Star wars memorabilia everywhere!
Dinner was fantastic! I enjoyed it immensely! The gammon was also pretty tasty! So thanks Bruce and Ali, you introduced me to something new, and the roast was delicious!!! It was good catching up with Bruce and meeting Ali and Mojo! We had a good laugh, watched a bit of Might Boosh. All in all a pretty great night! Mojo was highly entertaining! She was the centre of attention, and quite rightly so! Such a little entertainer πŸ™‚ Hopefully I will get to see Bruce and Ali again really soon. Whether that mean going back to Edinburgh or them coming to Australia. Had such a good time!
Tomorrow is our last full day in Edinburgh, I am sad and wish we were staying longer because there are so many more things I want to see!