Edinburgh – Day Seven

Today was rainy again, so St Andrews is off the itinerary. I am sure it would have been great but only on a nice sunny day 🙂

Rhys wasn’t able to get too much shopping done for himself yet so todays mission was to buy another bag to carry as hand luggage and fill it with clothes! I like this mission! I got a couple things for myself and helped Rhys make a new wardrobe. We bought so much! I think he was quite content with his spends! In the middle of our shopping quest we realised we still hadn’t done one of the things on my dads list – Eat a chicken Chow Mein.

We found a popular chinese restaurant in town that was heaving with people, so it had to be good! They had to put us and another group of people into another, random room under the main restaurant as the restaurant was so full! They had a really extensive dim sum menu so we had to order more than just chicken chow mein! We ordered two servings of the pork dumplings because they are like clouds but tastier! We got crab and pork dumplings, fried won ton and vietnamese spring rolls … too much food I hear you saying? Yeah! Probably haha! We were stuffed by the end! But it was worth it 🙂 The chow mein was also good!

We had a really chilled out last night in Edinburgh. It was rainy cold and miserable and there was bags of shopping gifts and clothes everywhere the eye could see in the apartment so we thought we would clean up today and for dinner just have one last take away supper from our local. I had fish and chips with mushy peas this time 🙂 YUM! Rhys had the … DIAVOLA PIZZA! What a fitting way to end our stay in Scotland or anywhere for that matter! I spent a good few hours packing and reorganising my bag ready for leaving tomorrow then we helped each other tidy the apartment up a bit. We were sad to be leaving here. Living in this cute little apartment together. It’s been so nice!