Back to London for the last time

This morning we cooked up the haggis that we had in the fridge, waiting for when we were game enough to try it! We leave today so it was a better time than any. I enjoyed it. It just tasted like black pudding. After a hearty breakfast we headed to the station by cab, because after hauling our many, heavy bags down the 9 flights of stairs, we thought it best haha!

The train to London was great to start with I just read my magazine and planned the new changes with my blog in the future. It was all going so well until we stopped in Newcastle or somewhere like that. This is when a group of 6 or so loud, drunken men got on our carriage. They were in the midst of a weekend long booze fest/bucks do and of course we were sitting across and next to them. Oh my! Now I am normally pretty tolerant but they were saying the most crude things, and I can be pretty crude but I am embarrassed to think of repeating the disgusting things they were saying. Vile, sexist, disgusting remarks that actually had Rhys and I speaking loudly about how pathetic we thought they were. Moving didn’t seem like a great option 1. We booked these seats and we shouldn’t HAVE to move, 2. It was a full train. No train authorities came through the carriage so I couldn’t say anything to them.

They were drinking heavily and I had to put my headphones on and keep my head down to stop from becoming a horrible person and yelling at them. I spent half the trip thinking of horrible things I wanted to say or do to make them shut up haha! Poor Rhys was in a foul mood for hours after the ride, he gave me his headphones to use so he had to listen the whole time. Mann … not nice! I just hope the woman this loser is about to marry wises up before the big day, she is about to marry a pig of a man! We tried to recover our mood after this, it took a while.

We got to our hotel in London pretty easily. It was the same place as we stayed before Edinburgh so we knew our way around the area now. We put our stuff in the room and then caught a bus into Sloane Square to get some dinner.

We went to Botanica which always seemed busy when we were in the are. The food was good. We had a scallop starter and Rhys had the steak for mains and I had lamb. Rhys’ steak looked a bit undercooked but he managed ok …

We were still pretty flat after 5 hours of intolerable annoyance. We finished our meals and our giant glasses of wine that we needed after our day and walked though the area chatting and soon laughing, reminiscing about the trip and we started to feel better about our day. We walked for ages looking for a cinema, by the time we found one it was almost through it’s last screening so we thought we would just head back and watch the last 3 episodes of Game of Thrones and go to bed ready for our big day of flying tomorrow.

I know, our last night abroad and we didn’t do much but to be honest it was a great idea because we loved Game of Thrones, all memory of our horrible day was gone and we just stayed up and chatted which was really nice.