Were going home!!

Day 94

10th of October

We left for Heathrow after check out even though our flight wasn’t until 6:00pm. Getting to Heathrow was easy on the underground. It was such a strange feeling knowing that we were carting our bags around for the last time. It was definitely bitter/sweet. I couldn’t wait to get home to be with my family and friends but we have been on such an amazing adventure, going to a new country every week almost and being with Rhys has been so much fun, but all good things must end, and more, new exciting things are waiting for us when we get home.

When we got to the airport, Rhys frantically searched for a Burger King with no success. Who knew one of the biggest airports in the world wouldn’t even have a Burger King haha! We ended up getting bacon rolls at a little cafe restaurant in our terminal before checking our bags in and then heading towards our boarding gates. We waited around in the departure lounge for a while, I slept while Rhys read the news. When I woke from my nap I was hungry … again! We went to this awesome sushi place and had a really yummy feed! Rhys thought the conveyer belt food was epic! It tasted so yummy!
It didn’t feel like long before it was time to board the plane. I was so excited! The flight seemed to go quite quickly. I didn’t sleep but the in flight entertainment kept me busy.
There was a bit of turbulence throughout the night which worried me a bit but we arrived in Hong Kong safely! We looked around to get duty-frees for the family but Rhys had a really bad headache from the flight so we couldn’t wait to get on the next plane, to try and get some sleep. The next flight went by even quicker. I was able to get a bit of sleep, Rhys didn’t get much so I knew he would be really tired when we got back into Perth. When we arrived we went through customs and I just couldn’t wait to go through those doors to see my family!
The doors opened in front of us and I looked around for my family, first I saw and heard Rhys’s mum waving and calling to us and then I saw my dad standing towards the front to hug me first. I started crying instantly, I am a big softy. I cried when I left and now I am crying some more haha! It was so amazing seeing my parents and Rhys’ parents again! We have missed them all so much! My parents are my best friends so I couldn’t wait to get home and catch up on all the things I have missed while I have been away.
After the highs of seeing family it was strange when it hit me realising that I would be parting ways with Rhys… We have been together every minute of every day almost for 3 months and now we are going to have to go to our separate houses. I felt very sad to be leaving him but I know I will be able to see him again at night after he finishes work and weekends 🙂 It is still hard though because we have enjoyed each others company so much and I was really happy living with him over the last 3 months!
When we got home I just chatted to my parents for hours about the trip, about how they were going and how big baby Mckenzie is getting! Who I get to see the next day! Weehee!! When it got to almost 3am we decided to go to bed and talk more in the morning.
Mum was on school holidays so we were able to hang out the next day. In the afternoon Kirsten came over with baby Mckenzie. When I saw that babies beautiful face the tears came again! She has the brightest happiest face and seeing Kirsten again was so fantastic I missed her a whole lot!
We thought it would be nice to go visit Rhys’ mum with Mckenzie it was great just catching up with her and playing with Mckenzie 🙂 We left some gifts for Steve and Carol and then Rhys came back to my house so that we could give my family their presents. They loved everything we had bought them, dad was especially excited about the many many tubes of mustard I had bought him from various places around Europe hahaha, he wanted one tube so we bought him 6 🙂
Hanging out with the family again felt so good! I don’t know how I lasted 3 months without them! Travelling was amazing! But my people back home are even better! I mean come on … look at that baby, isn’t she the cutest thing ever!! haha she is so funny 🙂