The all important Don’t Do’s of European Travel!

Well my travels are over … my feet have hit Aussie ground and I am happy to be back! Our travels were epic! The best thing Rhys and I have ever done! We experienced so much in such a short amount of time and I loved it all! Although the trip didn’t come without its funny mistakes and problems so Rhys and I have constructed a list of DON’T DO’S to make your European adventure less problematic than ours haha!

Although … Most of this is in jest because really, without these silly mistakes we wouldn’t have had as many laughs along the way!


  • Don’t get off at a train station just because the name seems familiar! Then walk up hundreds of stairs to exit only to realise its the wrong station
  • Don’t Forget to ask when check out is! Otherwise you may rush to get ready thinking check out is half an our earlier when really its half an hour later .. and look a tool!
  • Don’t make a 10 minute walk to your hostel last 2 hours just because you cant read a map
  • Just avoid Paris Nord train station … and anyone who tries to help you there! Or just get there early and be smarter than us .. not hard
  • Always refuse the bread at restaurants … being charged every time when you are too full to eat it sucks, or getting fat because you cant refuse sucks also
  • Never think that sun chairs are free this is not a wise assumption, you will be asked to pay and you will probably assume its a homeless man asking for money haha
  • Don’t go to sit down restaurants with less than an hour till you need be somewhere like the busabout flamenco, you will not have any time to enjoy ur meal! or even see your meal
  • Don’t Line up for something ie. the crown jewels, assuming because there is a line this must mean its good… it rarely is … dont line up unless your sure it is good
  • Know where your hotel/hostel is in conjunction to train station/airport… this will cost you a lot a lot if you dont
  • Washing clothes before a busabout tour is advisable!
  • Never assume that using a foreign washing machine will be easy because it has pictures … the pictures do not make sense!
  • Never try to hand drain a machine with a serving tray… oh man!
  • Don’t stay at hostels … hahaha or do … but be aware that they are not the same as hotels …haha wow clearly
  • If you arrive at a destination … don’t try to be clever and travel a different way back … you will get lost haha
  • Don’t put socks that you think are just “slightly damp but totally wearable, and cant be bothered drying for longer” in with your normal clothes … it will ruin your day/week/year
  • Don’t eat the snails!
  • Don’t go on the walking tour with Alvaro … kidding … do it!
  • Don’t go to the beach in Barcelona with relaxation in mind … but if you want “FANTA,COLA,CERVEZA” check it out for sure!! haha
  • All train conductors in France hate you! and they know perfect English …
  • Don’t use foreign can openers … you will bleed everywhere
  • Don’t ever leave the safety of a Wifi zone
  • Just take the lift … you will be forced to go up plenty more stairs during your travels!
  • Don’t sign the petition .. or give money to the Gypsies in Paris
  • Don’t feel sorry for every homeless man with a dog … Although I still do … its a battle everyday
  • Don’t keep swiping your credit card in the phone machine because its in French, you don’t understand, and you assume they aren’t charging you … oh! They are … boy are they charging you! haha
  • Don’t ever assume your toilet has toilet paper ( not travel specific)
  • Buy a GPS, maps are for fools … or smart people that understand them
  • Try to not let taxi drivers charge you 10 euro before you get in the thing if you haven’t booked it, they are ripping you off!
  • Don’t act like a child when you are in your 20s and jump around in the snow with a heavy backpack on your back, you will pinch a nerve in your back and be in child-birth like pain for days
  • Pack more than one pair of pants, there will be times when you may be caught in the alps, in a public laundry in your boxers … RHYS!
  • Ok maps are your friend … learn to read a map … assuming it is your enemy doesn’t help
  • Don’t get personally insulted when wearing a dress and you get rejected from St Peters Basilica … But a warning … even a millimetre of skin offends!
  • Learn from your mistakes … or don’t, we didn’t haha!
  • Don’t worry when you get lost, getting lost is how you find yourself! And boy have we had some real laughs along the way!
Although this list is long and hilarious for Rhys and I to read, reliving the hilarity, I honestly would not change a thing I had a blast!
Thank you for reading about our travels!! We have had an amazing time and I hope you enjoyed travelling with us along the way 🙂