Edinburgh – Day Four

We planned to meet my cousin Bruce again today in Prince’s street to grab a bite to eat for lunch, do some shopping together and maybe tick off a couple more things on my dads list of things to do.

We were a little late so poor Bruce waited for us for a little while. uckily it was a little warmer today but still windy as anything, I felt like I would get blown away! We walked to a nice little pub in one of the streets parallel to Prince’s street and got ourselves some traditional pub food.

Fish and chips with mushy peas and brown vinegar for myself and Rhys ordered a delicious maple syrup chicken dish with chips, can’t remember what Bruce had but his also looked pretty good too! With full bellies and lots of energy … or sort of – I think Bruce was a bit precious after a big night the night before haha we set out to get a few gifts for the family. We were very successful finding quite a few bits and pieces with Bruce’s help, and he even bought a nice little present for baby Mckenzie.

We shopped for quite some time and explored the main areas of Prince’s street and George Street. afterwards we decided a beer was well earned, so we walked to the “Last Drop Pub” near where we were staying – another pub on dad’s list. We had a good chat with over a drink. Bruce was helping some friends in the evening so we decided to part ways, since we were so close to the apartment and we would meet him again on Friday at his place, and he was going to cook us a Sunday dinner! Cannot wait! Yumm!!!
We went back to the apartment to put our shopping down, we were a little concerned about the amount we had bought since we didn’t have anymore room in our cases… we knew we would have to find another bag to get all these gifts back home!
I cooked up some chilli con carne and we ate it while watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air again, too funny! After dinner we thought it would be nice to head out for a little walk. We headed up to the Royal Mile and found a little corner shop and bought heaps of old English chocolates and lollies, favourites of my dads to bring back.
Afterwards we went to the Bannerman’s pub for a drink, which was another suggestion of my dads. It is a pub with very similar construction to the Cavern Club in Liverpool. The acoustics are perfect for bands and they have performances 7 days a week. It was a real popular hang out for people our age too so there was a great vibe to the place. I saw a group of guys come in, still in college uniform laughing and messing around and I sat and tried to imagined one of them was dad when he was their age, hanging with his mates having a beer here. It was strange, but nice thinking of dad before I was around and getting to see the things he did at my age.