Down to business!

What have I been doing since I got back from my amazing travels? I hear you asking? Well it is time to get serious! I have mentioned in an earlier post that I will be starting my own business [e] Erin McKenzie Creative, well I have been working my butt off to get my business started. I am pretty passionate about all things creative and I can’t believe it has taken me this long to realise I could be making money doing the things I love… Or so I hope! I really want to be able to get this business going so that I can do something that I am passionate about and make beautiful things!

So over the last two weeks I have been:

  • Working on my website

  • Looking into the business side of photography such as taxes and pricing, which has been challenging, but I kinda like it šŸ˜‰
  • Brainstorming different business ideas
  • I have been finishing up my blog posts,
  • Designing my studio area, measuring, buying equipment and over the next week constructing and setting up.
  • Ā I have been researching concepts,
  • Making special introductory offers and
  • I have booked 6 jobs for over the next month which I think is a pretty decent effort for only being back 2 weeks
I have been looking after my amazing niece Mckenzie too which has been fantastic! I love her to bits! I was able to do a nice little impromptu photoshoot with Mckenzie and the Fergusson clan. It feels so great getting out with my camera and finally being able to take pics of people! Here are a few snaps from the day:
It was a good laugh and I hope to be able to have many more great days shooting like this into the future!!
If you like what I am about please like my facebook page and support my new business šŸ™‚
I am passionate but every bit of support helps šŸ™‚
If you live in Perth, Western Australia and love my work enough to want to get some photos taken for yourself give me a comment on this blog or message me through my facebook page. I trully do look forward to hearing from you and would love any feedback šŸ™‚