Neutralising the Palette

Neutralising the colour palette in your home, is a great thing to do prior to selling. It is something that will engage a new buyer to really imagine your home as their own.

I am however doing it in reverse. I am doing it as we move in, but this is because the house was full of the previous owners personality. I really want to see the space as a blank canvas before I make a decision about the style I want to apply to my home. Let’s just say I am letting the house speak to me.

The main area that I am hoping to get a better vision for is the kitchen, living, dining space. It is huge, and could be expensive, so I want to just get rid of the few major splashes of colour that are in the way of me seeing what would be most effective.

The other great thing about a neutral colour palette is that you can bring in your pops of colour with accesories and furniture, which is always fun!

The area I targeted first was the dining room:


As you can see there was a pink feature with beading, so only 2 days after we moved in, I found the matching paint colour for the rest of the walls – Dulux “hog bristle”and worked on getting rid of the pink.

I ripped the beading down, patched the walls, sanded and repainted the dining area.


We haven’t really been able to decorate the dining room as yet, just place existing furnishings in there. We added an incredible new pendant light from the online store My brother Albert  – I LOVE it!! The dining room has definitely been neutralised and pared back from its dated beginnings, and it’s helped me to envision new options for the area.

I have been playing around with options for the dining space, and I really want to bring in beautiful natural elements. Timber and plants. I want an elegant, light filled space, with a large table so that family and friends can gather, laugh share and enjoy … thats the dream anyways! With a little time and money, I will get there.

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I planned this using the website ! Its the best!! I use it when planning all of the spaces in my home


Next I will be continuing to neutralise the palette, this time in the first impression area, the entryway! Keep reading for more!