My style

This is a tough one. I have a million different ideas and and deciding on one option can be a challenge for me!

What can I say …

My style is inspired by the things that bring me great happiness  … Experiences with family, friends and my partner, incredible holidays (Hamilton Island comes to mind) and my beautiful dog Barkley (as strange as it sounds, he inspires a lot of my colour palette choices hehe!)

I love creating warm, inviting spaces that utelise as many natural elements as I can get my hands on. I am very drawn to Hampton’s style homes. White timber panelling, eclectic furniture pieces and a really light, bright, relaxed atmosphere – so I guess you could say I am into a “modern coastal” look.

I do try to listen to what the house wants though. I am in the hills … making it coastal does seem strange (although feeling like I am somewhere beachy is never a bad thing) I have been trying to add some more classic country elements also (see what I was saying about the million ideas!! hehe!) Anyways … you will see my style unfold as we go … maybe you can describe it in a few words for me 😉

Words are not my strong point, you will learn this hehe! – Pictures are, so here is a mood board I knocked up with a few of my favourite textures and things that I have or will bring into my home 🙂 oh … and if anyone wants to donate me this incredible Freedom furniture “Dahlia” couch .. I would not be mad hehe! (SO MUCH LOVE.. even Barkley approves)


If you want to know about any of the products in my moodboard, feel free to comment below!  I wonder if I can make this a regular thing … “Mood Board Mondays”? haha!

I am sure you can see the vibe I am approaching the house with now. Here are a few homes I LOVE to really help you get on board with MY vision (see what I did there haha)

I have found scandinavian furniture and accesories, at the moment, are the most budget friendly items that I have been able to source, so who knows … I may end up with a crazy modern, scandi, coastal, classic country home bahaha!!

fave space

fave space2
Sourced from Home Beautiful Magazine
Sourced from Pinterest

Sourced from pinterest
Can’t wait to see how this house unfolds! It will be a little while before I can afford to really dig in and create spaces like this in the main living/kitchen areas, but in the meantime, I have some pretty fun spaces to work with. Office, kids room, guest rooms … I may be able to explore a different side of my style – this should be fun!
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