Mood Board Mondays #2

I am making this a “thing” haha! So it’s time for Mood Board Monday no. 2! Today I am going to be showing you a little insight into the visualisation for my office space! This colour scheme is completely inspired by my bear boy Barkley! Black white and tan (or timber, but you get the drift hehe)


I want a really crisp, fun space, that I know I can spend lots of hours in, and still feel creative and inspired! I want a graphic contrast, and I love the idea of layering black on black, and white on white!


My inspirations for this room definitely come more from the scandi/minimalist style. I think its because I know my office so easily gets cluttered by paperwork, and general work mess, so a minimalist design will mean it’s easier on the eye, and less cluttered in every other way.

Keep reading to see me bring this to life!