Goodbye Green 

I am continuing with neutralising the palette in our home. In a previous post I showed how I removed the bright pink in our dining room and now it’s time to say goodbye to the green in the entryway!

I love the colour green, but I am a fan of going for more subtle tones on the walls of my home and adding pops of colour with accessories or plants! Plenty opportunities to bring the green back in a different way.




I have decided to go for Dulux “Alabaster” in the hall. It was a colour we had in our previous home, and it worked well! (plus its technically free paint, since we have it already hehe)

Great colour! It makes the timber boards really pop! And once we have finally decided on a door colour, I think it will be a really great space


The benefits of a brighter neutral colour upstairs means it’s bouncing a nice colour temperature around the rest of the house, and I want to make the entry of the home welcoming and clear.

I brought a little wink back to the previous colour palette by introducing some lush tropical artwork by the Aestate, paired with some simple styling pieces and practical storage.

What do you think? Do you prefer the more toned down look in this space?