USA Adventure – Day One

I am so excited to be sitting in front of my laptop, blogging .. from NEW YORK! Yes, that’s right, New York city people?! It has been SO long since I blogged my travels but on long trips I love to write these for you guys and it’s also good so I don’t have to rely on my faulty memory haha!

Prepare yourself for terrible grammar/spelling and a comedy of errors, since this is an Erin + Rhys adventure after all. If you followed our European advenure, you know there were plenty LOLs. Bring it on!

So I guess I should start from the beginning! Why the USA? Well … Firstly why not?! haha! But the real why is – a great friend of ours is getting married in Lake Tahoe! We absolutely didn’t want to miss it! We have the mindset of if you’re going to take the long journey you may as well make it the trip of a lifetime, am I right?

The flight itself I feel like I was in a total bubble. I just made the decision to not think about time or durations or it would be torture and I feel like I have slipped into the new time zone pretty seemlessly.  (Dad said I will crash, so I will keep you in the loop if I do haha) At around a 28hrs travel,  I can safely say it was a pretty positive all round experience. I sat next to a pretty awful human on the long haul – who yelled at the guy behind her, as her fully reclined chair was not enough (and that was “his fault” .. pfff) but she moved to another seat and that meant I reaped the rewards of the extra space! WINNER!

Arrival was great! Used the Super shuttle service, which cost affective as you share the journey with other couples.


So, lets skip the boring stuff … New York. Its a weird feeling when you arrive in a place you have never been, but it feels so familiar, its almost like home. I have barely explored this city, and I am already in love.


We are staying at the Park Central Hotel, which I scored on special on Expedia! woo! It’s a great looking hotel! Happy with it all awesome location!


We arrived at around 7pm, so we put our bags down, showered/freshened up and headed into the action. We are staying right near Times Square!  It was pouring with rain outside and for anyone that knows me, they will know this makes me deliriously happy! So we wondered around with eyes the size of dinner plates, just completely in awe of this beautiful city. We stepped out of our hotel, and the view was already immense! Took another block .. and BAM … theres Bono .. casually buying a superman shirt … ok. Shit just got serious … we are in NEW YORK!


A quick peek into the culture and the vibe and we were hooked! We were also soaked from the rain, so we thought we wouldn’t over exert ourselves, grabbed a couple slices of pepperoni pizza and headed to our room for a relaxed night in, preparing for our first full day of adventures.


Cannot wait to share all of this journey with you guys! Did you have any recommendations of places we should be going? Things we should be doing??