San Francisco

Up reasonably early, plenty of fart jokes as unavoidably we are all getting to know each other too well.

Headed to the hotel continental breakfast, which seemed chaotic, but was delightful! And hit the streets to do a mock walk to the location we are headed to tomorrow to catch the wedding bus!

Easy walk, so we just kept going. The Fisherman’s Wharf was one of the main attractions we were keen to see. Decent walk from our hotel, but worth it, as it was cool to see the town/the sights and the locals.


From the wharf you could see Alcatraz, the golden gate (in the distance) and plenty more! We headed into Jack’s bar to see the super impressive beer selection! Bought a cider (go figure) and chilled after our walk.


I was determined to find the seals at pier 39 which was a pretty great thing to see! So I highly recommend (if you don’t mind the stinky smell of fish)


Pier 39 has a pretty extensive little village of shops and restaurants to browse. The more options the more difficult it was to decide, so plenty whinging happened, but we agreed on “Fog Harbor Fish House”


This was one of those YASSSS moments on the trip! I ordered a clam linguini and a white wine and with a view of the pier, I was in San Fran Heaven!


Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals – Scott was only disappointed that I enjoyed my meal as much as I did, because we have a constant back and forth banter haha! Brotherly love.


Walking back up the Wharf we saw the San Fran dungeon, which sparked our interest, and with it being an extra $3 to go to both that AND Madame Taussauds – we thought, why the heck not! We sped around Madame taussauds, plenty laughs, plenty new celebrity (and criminal) friends haha! And then we went into the dungeon. I couldn’t take any photos, which is cool, and I expected them to try to scare you – but frick! I HATED them turning the damn lights off so much. Every time they did it I was loudly saying “This isn’t cooooll” which had Kirsten in a fit of giggles.


It felt like it would never end, but thank god it did! And then we got back on to walking. We thought we would get on one of the traditional trams, but at $20 for a day pass per person and a line as long as San Francisco itself, we decided our commitment wasn’t there. More walking. This is good, I probably need this to balance out all the food I’m eating.


Kirsten and I needed to get our nails done for the wedding, of course we managed to source the freaking weirdest nail salon ever. Got a pretty average nail set done, but hey! If you don’t look closely it’s A-ok!

Uber ordered and we are off again!! This time to the baseball to watch the Giants vs Colorado Rockies! Scalpers were freaking hilarious, good humoured, and determined, but we decided to buy tickets at the booth. Managed to get seats so damn high up, Kirsten and I were terrified to move. The scalper did try to warn us, yelling over our shoulder “oh mannnnn that’s high up?! Think of your boyfriend, he has no jumper! He is going to FREEZE up there”


Apparently you can trust a scalper in San Francisco Haha! But it was a laugh, a decent trek, and an experience.


I have a theory that they hear your accent on purchase and sit you near your people. We were not only surrounded by Aussies … we were surrounded by people from Perth. How the heck!? A few good laughs, $1 hotdogs and a good game later, we were ready to head home. (Giants won by 1 run by the way!)


We walked AGAIN! For a long time. Probably in the dodgiest streets ever. Of course there were no cabs around, couldn’t get an uber without wifi … and then it was almost like seeing the Golden Arches …. there was a motzilla (the web browser) logo in my sight!!! There HASSS to be wifi outside that building! Bam! There was! All hail the hero! Uber arrives and we are safely at our hotel!


Sleep time!! Tomorrow we get to see Marshall and KC and start the wedding fun!