From Mountains to Golden Gates

It’s time to leave Canada! This beautiful country has been good to us and I wish I could visit/explore more but we have a wedding to get to! Marshall and KC’s wedding!! Today our main task is to fly from Calgary to San Fran, as Marshall and KC have kindly organised for a bus to collect guests from there.

But first we must check out from Canmore and take the drive into Calgary. A 1.5 hour drive. Scott is at the peak of his bug today, fever breaking, cough sitting hard on his chest. So it’s safe to say his energy and mood levels are low. Today will need to be an easy day.

Despite our incredibly short flight (2.5hrs) it is still International, so we knew we would need to check in well before our flight anyways. This still gave us a decent amount of time to kill,  so we went to the huge Chinook shopping mall for a bite to eat and some shopping.. Scott was so sick he stayed in the car.

Next we headed straight to the airport to drop the hire car off. In Calgary they do their immigration checks prior to you leaving the country, it was pretty full on, but the reward at the end is a great terminal filled with shops and restaurants! Unfortunately for us though our flight was delayed due to air traffic congestion so Rhys and I ordered some food/drink and Kirsten and Scott had a nap on the comfy chairs

Time flies when you’re napping/eating haha! So our flight came before we knew it and then we were off, flying to San Fran.

On arrival we had planned to utilise the subway system, but with Scott being sick, a cab was the best option. An interesting cab ride later, and we arrived at our hotel. There is a tonne of homeless people in San Fran, so the cab driver let us know we are in a good spot, as the homeless don’t like walking up hills. Right! haha!

Checking into our accom I heard a familiar laugh, and no kidding, behind us was MARSHALL!! KC had put her parents up in the same hotel as us and he was visiting them!! Totally unplanned, how does that even happen? Great to see him and touch base before the wedding festivities commenced!

We put our bags in our teeny tiny shared room. Thats right, one room 4 people but we get along well and it was a non-issue. Once we set our bags down, we took a short walk around the area to grab a bite to eat and then headed back to the hotel for an early night and some American TV

Tomorrow we have a full day/ night to explore San Fran and I have no idea what to expect!!