Banff – Day Two

Today poor Scott is choked with this awful bug we are all suffering with! Kirsten is also feeling like death and honestly we can all admit this is the sickest any of us have felt in a long time, or possibly ever! Important first stop – The Calgary doctors! At $100 for the appt. and then the cost of meds, it is definitely not cheap to get medical care in the USA or Canada as a tourist! But best to get checked out in the lead up to our friends wedding.

Unfortunately what we have is viral, so antibiotics aren’t going to do much, but Scott got some super strong stuff to treat the symptoms. While Scott was in the docs, Rhys and I stayed in the car … Rhys calls out “ERIN!!! Look out the window” … and strolling past proudly was a Bernese mountain dog! OH MY GOD!!! I jumped out of the car, no shoes on, and chased the owner down to ask to pat her dog! Probably not the best approach, but Bernese Mountain dog owners just understand the obsession. The adorable Brody lent into me and loved every single pat and I tried to not cry as it made me miss my dogs so much.


After a bit of a high with the puppy love, Scott came out from his appt. I thought he would want to curl up in a ball and not move all day so Rhys and I looked into getting a bus to Lake Louise and Emerald Lake Lodge, as they are locations that have been on my vision board for a long time now, and I was determined to get there. Scott however was a bloody great sport!! He medicated himself and decided to go ahead with the drive! He didn’t want to miss all the beautiful things that Banff had to offer and we were all so excited about this part of the holiday. Thank you Scott, you’re a legend (and the doctor was obviously right when he said you are the toughest dude on the planet for dealing with that bug HAHA)


Lake Louise is around an hour from Canmore and it is a must see in Banff! The incredible turquoise waters are unreal and framed by the immense alpine masses, photos just don’t do this view justice. I took a hundred anyways haha! It appears that everyone knows about this secret gem, as it was heaving with tourists capturing selfies with the stunning view! We stayed here for a little while just trying to take it all in.


Next stop Emerald Lake. I have been swooning over the photos of this place for far too long now! It was a MUST on my Canada trip! Its another hour from Lake Louise but my god, the drive was stunning! Kirsten and Rhys had a cheeky nap on the drive, I was too excited by the scenery to sleep!


When we arrived parking was a challenge and it was also heaving with tourists, but it didn’t take away from the greatness of it all.


One million photos later, we were all feeling pretty tired so we took the 2 hour drive back to Canmore.


When we arrived back at the accommodation, there were the CUTEST bunny rabbits bouncing around the property! They jumped over to you like happy puppies and sniffed your hands! SO friendly! I have never seen such cute rabbits in the wild! There were even 3 baby ones and I got to pat one!! What a day!!


The final night in Banff was a simple and good one; a home cooked steak and roast veg meal and a quick dip in the hotel spa and we were ready for an early night to pack our bags ready for the flight to San Fran tomorrow and have a good sleep!

Bring on the next part of our USA adventure!