Banff – Day One

I have been anticipating this part of the journey for a long time! When we were in the thick of the sickness, we wanted to be well so badly. We knew that Banff was approaching and we wanted to make the most of it. Thankfully Rhys and I are on the mend.

As soon as we checked out from our Air bnb, we decided to head straight to Banff instead of spending more time in Calgary. The drive to Banff was beautiful!! Plenty of candy and good tunes for the drive.


We knew we had a lot of time to kill, but it wouldn’t be a hard task in Banff. We booked to stay in Canmore, which is the gateway to a lot of the ski resorts and beautiful national park sights and the perfect spot for us to stay for the next couple days. Check-in wasn’t until 4-5pm however, so we went into town to have a wander and a feed.

This town is adorable!! Seriously like a movie set, classic lodges and an unreal view! We browsed some of the little stores around town and then we spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for a bakery for lunch, which was of course right in front of where we parked *sigh*. On the hunt for food I got stung not once or twice, but THREE times on the one finger by a bee :/ OUCH!


I bought a really lovely mountain ring in town! I love it so much!!


After we had our bakery lunch, we still had a few hours to kill so we decided to head toward the hot springs and do some sight seeing. We managed to find the Banff gondolas on our journey and decided to take the (expensive) ride to see what the top of sulphur mountain had to offer. The lines are pretty long, as you would expect on something like this, but pretty well organised on the way up, so the lines moved quickly.


When you got to the top it was worth every penny! An incredible and vast view! There was even snow!! Which is beyond exciting for us Aussies. Views like this make you realise how small we are in this big ol’ world.


By now the sickness has well and truly taken over Scott and he is in struggle town. So he and Kirsten stayed in the warmth, and Rhys and I trotted off to explore the trail.

One word BEAUTIFUL!!


The photos do not do this view justice, but it’s a peek into the stunning views we experienced that day.

Our ticket time for the departure gondola was approaching and we were definitely ready to head back to lower ground. The line was ridiculous to get back. We were bored senseless, needless to say, we were very happy when we could get back into the comfort of the car.


We stopped at Safeway on the way home, bought ingredients for breakfast + dinners for the next few days to save some pennies. First night was a tomatoey pasta and crumbed chicken and the following steak and roasted veg with gravy. YUM! Sometimes you just want your own, simple cooking! Just what we all needed after having a very low appetite for some time.

Once we had all our groceries, we headed to the Solaris resort to check in and settle in for the night. This hotel had a pool, spa, gym, day spa and even a movie theatre!! Very cool!! Our two bedroom condo had its own kitchen to cook up a feast, which Kirsten started straight away.


Dinner was THE best! Just what I needed, Kirsten is now starting to feel a little under the weather, which is such a shame! We have all been taken out! A relaxed night is a must! Rhys and I went to watch some of the free theatre movie, and then an early night. Tomorrow is going to be filled with BEAUTIFUL places and sights and I can’t wait!!