Arrived in Calgary … and we see a familiar smiley face… It’s Kirsten! and I am so happy to see her! (don’t tell her that) (shit .. she reads this :/)

We go outside with our bags … and Scott is standing next to the most giant, beautiful car ever! A brand new Dodge Durango RT, 51km on the clock! Niceeee!


Kirsten and Scott have been at Calgary for a day already, so they know the area, and are accustomed to driving on the opposite side of the road!! haha! They say “Hey! before we go back to the accom lets go to our local” Rhys and I are still sick/sleepy, but we agree to one drink… This of course turns into an entire bottle of wine and a few beers, but the laughs are flowing hard already. This is going to be a good time.


Scott has a habit of making friends everywhere he goes … Tonight was no exception. We go outside to leave and he has made a friend “Todd” … Our walk to the car turned into an hour long talk with a stranger and we didn’t get to the apartment until 3:30AM! :/ We will sleep well!



A nice sleep in later, we headed into a nearby shopping and eating hub. We stumbled across the place that Todd had recommended last night. Merchants. The menu was INSANE! We were so hungry/excited by the menu, that picking one option was impossible. I went for the tuna tartare and a shared Mac n cheese with Kirsten. Food was great!! I was still struggling to get food down, but it was an improvement on the previous days intake.


We had a mission. Scott wanted to go check out car parts, as he is looking to buy some and bring them home. This store was HUGE! I am sure this place is a car mans dream. I was just stoked about the comfy mounted car chairs HAHA! We also went to a few Pawn shops too, just to be nosey.


After we headed to the Calgary Olympic park. Fun Fact: It is the same Olympic Park where Eddy the eagle and the Jamaican bobsled team (Cool Runnings) competed in the 1988 Winter Olympics! Here we are in the actual bobsled that they used (with mouths full of jolly ranchers haha!)


They have a skyline luge, which we were all pretty pumped to give a shot! You get a big chairlift up which is fun and obviously riding down is even more fun! We did it three times! You can go pretty fast and once you get a bit of confidence (and stop thinking about your face hitting the concrete HAHA!)


I felt like all the moisture in my body, flowed out through my eyeballs on that thing. We were going so fast and it was so cold! haha! but even though I was partially blind flying down a mountain, in a tiny cart, on a concrete track, I felt pretty safe, and it was a great laugh.

We headed back to our accommodation for a little bit and then planned our next stop. There was an event in the city at “Beakerhead” which was a flaming serpent … sounds interesting? So we thought we would go for a look.


This of course turned into a laughter filled weird journey (of course) which I won’t go into, but we found some pretty things on the adventure to make it worth the walk.


When we finally reached the serpent, it was pretty impressive. Scott disappeared pretty quick. We found him pressing buttons on the serpent that shoots flames with a cheeky grin on his face. I forget this guy is an old man some times haha!


We weren’t crazy hungry and with all except Kirsten being under the weather, we decided to grab take out and head back to the apartment to FaceTime the family. A nice way to end the day! It’s been so good to spend time with Kirsten + Scott! I just know this holiday is going to be  a laugh and a half! But now it’s time for a big sleep and get ourselves ready for a full day of adventure on the road to Canmore/ Banff tomorrow!