Actually Sleepless in Seattle

So the sickness has well and truly taken over! My optimism that I would miss out on Rhys’s germs did not work out and we are barely sleeping. I keep having horrible recurring dreams, tossing and turning all night or waking up in a horrible coughing fit! We are super house guests :|haha! I had some cough medicine, but it really messed with my head and made me feel very spacey! Seattle plans?? resting the mind and body!

First things first! Time for a bath! Baths always make me feel better and It cleared my chest a little. After the bath, I basically collapsed on the couch and then it took hours to gain the energy to move. Mustered enough to stumble downstairs to the theatre room, where we parked ourselves up for the day watching movies and napping. BLISS! So glad that we are staying with Trav while we feel like this though! He has been awesome and taken good care of us! Bringing incredible pizza and salads home for dinner and keeping us medicated! THANK YOU TRAVIS!!

Sickness means this is likely the most boring blog post ever. Three days of just trying to breathe! haha! We haven’t even been able to eat much! We ordered uber eats … and nibbled on a cheeseburger, what a waste!! I promise we will get well soon and make it more exciting for you all!

Day by day we managed to move a little further and on the last day in Seattle, I parked myself on the deck and laid in the sun! It was glorious!

During our stay we went out for dinner with Trav. A little Pho place the night before we left (I managed a few spoons of broth) and a place where they did great sandwiches and grilled corn! (I ate corn woohoo!) on the way to the airport. Travis was the perfect host! And so understanding of us being sickies! Thanks for the hospitality buddy!

We said our goodbyes at the airport and we set off to board our flight to the next destination.

It wouldn’t be a Rhys and Erin travel journey without a mishap am I right? Alaska airlines Calgary check-in, pretty straight forward. Present your passport, and your ETA (Canadian visa) which I applied for online (which you can do here

Rhys’s went through like a dream … mine however, approved, but not working. Righhhhhht.

A few attempts later and we realised that a letter is missing from the start of my attached password number. Joy! If I want to enter Canada, I have to apply for my Canadian visa online and be approved … an hour before my flight (panic)

“I have seen it take 24hrs, you will just have to wait and see” says the checkin assistant (extra panic)

Thank goodness my new laptop is fast, as applying on my brick may have caused my already sick body to just give up on life haha! But I calmly applied, and the application came back APPROVED 5 minutes later! THANK YOU CANADA! 🇨🇦

Safely boarded on the worlds shortest international flight we are on our way to Calgary! And on our way to reunite with my sister and her husband!! Woohoooooo! CALGARY HERE WE COME!