Seattle – Day Two

Uh oh … I woke up coughing .. and not regular coughing, like can’t breath infection coughing… dang it!! I am staying positive! I refuse to let this take me down on my holiday! and I have already been sick my fair share this year I say!

Today is Travis’s only day off, so Rhys and I are going to Man up for the day and tackle our bugs later.

Travis took us to an incredible dumpling place for lunch! Talk about yum!! The restaurant was in the college district, a great hub for shopping and eating! We visited the Amazon book store! Which is so good! All the prices are the same as the online Amazon stores, and the collection of books and editions that they stock is impressive! I saw a beautiful 25th Anniversary edition of the “Alchemist” and I am really looking forward to getting the opportunity to read this! I hear its brilliant! We went to a few seriously beautiful furniture stores, the Apple Store and then we went for a drive to see some more of what Seattle has to offer.


We started at Seattle Gas Park, which has beautiful views of the CBD! A nice little walk around!


Then we drive past the Fremont Troll, to the Botanic park and then the boat bridge which leads to the salmon ladder! The salmon ladder was fascinating! There wasn’t a rush of salmon, but there were a few trying to make the journey upstream!


Next stop! A bar! Time to refresh! By this stage I can see that Rhys is really fading in front of me. It could have been the brutal cocktail he ordered, but it was mostly as this bug has really knocked him for six!


We decided to have dinner at home, so a visit to Costco’s for steaks, and then we would call it a day.

Costco’s .. holy heck! Wish I bought my camera. I found Costco’s crazy and if I’m honest, scary!! When you walk in to the warehouse (the most giant building you have ever seen) … theres an optometrist … a tire shop, a blinds specialist … umm?? Like imagine that in your local Aldi? haha! It is heaving with people and everything is sold in bulk. Want shampoo? Buy by the dozen, Steaks? Have half a cow, cheese? how about a kilo block. You have to be a member to shop there and everyone leaves with a trolley full of product. On the way out the door there was a morbidly obese man sitting there – checking receipts I assume, but his colleague did all the work. Costco’s is what your American nightmares are made of haha!

When you see purchasing at this scale, its hard to not think about the impact we are having on the world. So much consumption. So much waste!

Rhys and I were total sickies. Tried to nap, I failed, but rose to the smell of garlic, and steaks being grilled! dream! Would have been even dreamier if Rhys and I had an appetite. We are really struggling to get anything down at the moment. So we ate as much as possible, and then we decided to slink to bed to try to get an early night.

Stay tuned for more, send us healthy vibes please!!