Seattle – Day One

Landed safely in Seattle, collected by Trav, Rhys’s brother. Who lives and works here! We are welcomed warmly into his lovely home. It’s a nice feeling to know that we have a place to rest and call home for the next 5 days. Rhys is still very sick and I am starting to feel a little under the weather myself, so we may have to take some time to rest up during our stay.

We set our bags down, made ourselves at home and then Travis took us to get some food. We headed to a pretty cool Korean/American fusion restaurant here called “Marination”. Some burgers, tacos, a great view and a few drinks later and we are ready for a tour of Seattle.


Pike Place Markets, Town Centre, Bubble gum lane and THAT VIEW! Seattle is a beautiful city. A tech hub that loves good food and good booze. I can deal with this! haha! Travis knows my obsession with homewares so he took us to a couple American retailers and I was in homewares heaven!!! West Elm, Anthropology *insert heart eyes here*.

Seattle is vastly changing! With Google creating a new hub in town and another heap of skyscrapers going up! Seattle is already big, so the scale of growth is unimaginable!


I can see Rhys fading as the day goes by. He isn’t himself at all, so we head back so he can have an afternoon nap and I park myself in the sun on the patio and test out my new MacBook!! YAY!! (Am I alone in loving the smell of new apple products hahaha!)

The sun starts to set and Trav takes us for a cruise to see how pretty this place is as the sun goes down! I can definitely see the charm of Seattle. It seems to be a great lifestyle here.


We stopped for dinner at a local Tapas place, the perfect end to what felt like the longest day ever after our crazy rushed wake up and the flight from New York. Time for a good nights rest and we will tackle more exploration tomorrow.