Goodbye New York, Hello Seattle!

3 alarms set, bags packed and an early night … we are as ready for a 3am wake up as you can be. LOL. You know where this is going.

I woke a few times in the night to check the time! Pays to be extra cautious right?! We wouldn’t want to miss our flight or not hear our alarm … or set it for the wrong time :/

… which of those did you think I did. Yahhh … set it for 2:00, 2:30 + 2:45 … PM. *insert expletives here*

Thankfully I was checking the time, and managed to wake myself up at 4am, but our prepaid $67 shuttle bus definitely left without us and definitely charged us. It’s ok. Organised panic! Prepared ourselves for one of three options and a cab turned out to be the quickest, and most reasonably priced option at $100USD inc tips. Hey! It wasn’t as expensive a mistake as missing the flight! I’m going to call this one a win!

Flight was great I got a free seat next to me again! Winning the life lottery. A wicked cheese platter down, getting excited for Seattle!

We are staying with Rhys’s brother and we have 5 full days in Seattle! So I’m looking forward to a more relaxed pace, and giving these blistered feet a bit of a break.

I will post about our Seattle adventures in the next post, but let’s look back on New York! A summary of what we did each day!

Day One

Park Central Hotel check-in

Times Square*

Ray’s Pizza slice

Day Two

Diner Breakfast*

Bryant Park – piano in the park*

Central Park walk*

5th Avenue shopping

Grey Line bus tours – Uptown*

Subway travel*

Baseball Game*

Dinner at sports bar

Day Three

Natural History Museum*

Ellen’s Stardust Diner**

Grey Line Bus tours – Downtown*

9/11 Memorial*

Rockefeller Building

Top of the Rock*

Drinks at a pop up venue*

Nintendo store

Day Four

Ripleys Believe it or Not

Madame Taussaud’s Wax Museum*

Broadway Show* Book of Mormon**

New York Fashion week runway show*


Brooklyn Wine Bar*

Make a purchase on 5th Ave*

*Highly Recommend
**You don’t even have a choice, you must do this

There are a few things we didn’t get to do that I would have really loved; Rooptop bar drinks in the night, Exploring more of downtown on foot, Walk the high line, Dining in the East Village, local music/art events, Staton Island Ferry, Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment on Sex and the City, a horse and carriage ride in Central Park, hire a bike and ride around town, but with only 3 full days we wanted to see the most that we could, which meant a lot of touristy activities!

Next time I would want to stay longer and downtown and try to live more like a local, but for our first trip, being near Times Square was perfect!

New York you are beautiful and worthy of all the hype you receive! I will be back!!