Palm Springs

I had a couple hours sleep and woke up feeling strange .. was I dreaming?? AM I ACTUALLY ENGAGED?? UH .. YUP!! Crazzzy! It’s strange enough wearing jewellery for me so waking up with this ring on is bizarre! But I think I can deal! haha! We called more people to share the happy news. I am one happy woman!

Today we check out of our dreamy Vegas hotel room and head to a teeny one bedroom share with Kirsten and Scott … Exactly what you want post engagement haha! However this place looks seriously cool, so we are excited!

Palm Springs is one of those hip towns that is all over your instagram feeds so of course I booked there because I want a pretty Instagram too HA! but the real reason is it is perfectly located between Vegas and LA to break up the travel.

We stayed at the Saguaro Hotel which looks like a fun place to be! Our only plans were to have a few drinks poolside and then find somewhere for dinner. That changed. But more on that later.

Our valet came with our car and we prepared ourself for the 4hr drive. I had plenty snacks and a good book (The Alchemist) So I am set.


The drive wasn’t that memorable, a few little towns, service stations serving an assortment of things from salt water taffy to healing crystals. I saw an Amethyst Crystal, and had to buy it (and salt water taffy of course haha) and we were back on the road.

Scott got to drive a very small portion of Route 66, so he was stoked. Spent the whole time questioning Kirsten if he was indeed even on Route 66 and by the end of the afternoon we were in Palm Springs!

The town itself has a coastal vibe, even though its in the middle of the desert! Pretty cool place to be!


As we approached our hotel, Kirsten realised there was a TJ MAXX within walking distance … hmm greatttttt! But the place makes her smile, so who am I to deny her!

We check into the hotel. I was excited to be here, so I showed my enthusiasm in check in .. which was met with disdain. The guy clearly thought my excitement about this hotel was totally “uncoooolll man”! Unfazed, I grabbed our key card and headed toward our room.


Our room was colourful and small. The toilet seat was cracked and butt pinching haha! This place was likely a crappy hotel once upon a time, but now its “hip crappy” Cos they painted it fun colours and instagrammers with a large following have been here. HA! Maybe this is why the guy at checkin was so uninterested in my joy.

We entertained Kirsten obsession and headed to TJ MAXX first. Bought a new suitcase for all of Scott’s car parts and went on with our lives (TJ MAXX is seriously depressing, sorry K!) We then took a drive around the suburb to see some of the iconic Palm Springs architecture! This place is rad. Sun was setting, and it is pool time!


Back to the hotel, bathers on, lets hit the pool!!

We get there in the afternoon and the pool bar is closed. Thats ok! There’s one in the lobby. Fully dressed, but with bare feet and pool towels to accessorise, we head to the lobby bar.

We place our drinks order and are met with a judgmental stare. “ID’s please!” … We think – ahh of course! Good responsible service but oh oh! We didn’t think to bring those to the pool? Wait a minute … WE DID! Rhys had his wallet, which had our drivers licence!!” PHEW, hand it to our ultra cool and totally friendly waitress (hmmm) With the response “NO! I won’t accept these… I need your passports” … I say “I am really sorry, we didn’t bring our passports to the pool area and your pool bar closed early” we get the look up and down and then a turned up nose “I can’t serve you … and next time for reference… wear shoes into our bar”

… yeah bitch, cos we are coming back? ah no!

We head back to the pool, drink-less and watch the people around selfie until the sunset. Watching them made me feel dumb. I knew I wanted to get photos of Rhys and I to announce our engagement so look at us go, being totally cliche. Feeling like I fell for the Instagram trap that is the Saguaro Palm Springs. Haha! However, it was nice to get photos to celebrate this brilliant new stage in our lives together.

Enjoy our “dumb” selfies (that I totally love hehe) as we joined the masses. This is the future haha!


Kirsten was our incredible photographer haha! She shot like a pro and made us laugh along the way! I never realised the thought that goes into an engagement announcement hahaha!

Photos done! It’s pool time! Rhys and I played, lounged, swam, spa’d and enjoyed and then we lay on the pool lounges and enjoyed the last of the sun. Ahhhhh!


Lol … Rhys’s head looks photoshopped on here! hahaha!


We were there until almost dark and then our stomachs started to grumble. Apparently there is a market happening in the main strip! So we figure thats the place to go … Not before ANOTHER damn visit to TJ MAXX … hmm! Seeing Scotts Car parts spread over the bed, we realised we are going to need to share luggage and Rhys and I are bursting at the seems already. Another bag it is.

The market festivities were perfect! Live music, chilled vibes and good food stalls! I got the best burger to date and I was in a happy place. We walked around and casually browsed. Kirsten bought a funny game and we decided to get some beers and head back to the room.

It was a really cool night. Sitting on our beds, playing a hilarious card/question game and drinking beer. I could think of no better way to spend our first night as an engaged couple! Many laughs later, bed time! Tomorrow we are onto LA!!