From Paris (In Vegas) With Love

Today started with a massive sleep in (cos I NEEDED IT) and breakfast. We decided to buy cheap and cheerful as yesterday we ordered crepes and breakfast juice and had the shock of it costing $40USD a couple and it was rubbish!! Maccas was a no brainer today.

We don’t have a lot on the agenda. Except to go see the baby Dolphin at the Mirage  … A freaking BABY DOLPHIN!! and hang poolside at the MGM Signature because what is a Vegas trip without drinks by the pool?

We walked the strip to the Mirage. Enjoying the sights by day in Vegas.


We arrived at the Mirage, Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin habitat.


I was pretty apprehensive about an aquarium/zoo within a Casino because honestly it sounds awful. When we arrived I had my judgey pants on. I expecting to hate it… I was surprised.


Owned by Seigried and Roy, I jokingly mumbled under my breath “hmmm I wonder how often they even visit their animals” … and BAM to my right … there is Siegfried chatting to other park visitors! I was speaking to one of the parks staff and they said he is here almost every day! They also mentioned that every 2 hours the animals are rotated with others behind the scenes and they go into a larger enclosure which has a run for them too. This put me in my place and made me feel better about paying money to see animals in captivity haha!


When we left the big cat enclosure we walked past the baby dolphin enclosure and the dolphins were happily diving around, cheekily playing and having a great time! So its undeniable the animals are happy here, even if they are living in a casino haha! I can’t say I would feel the same! 3 days in Vegas is enough! haha!


The day has flown by and there is a poolside chair with my name on it … I mean I am speaking figuratively as it’s too expensive to actually reserve a pool chair here because then you need to pay for bottle service haha! But you know what I am trying to say.

We rushed back to the hotel, chucked on the togs and headed to the pool. Went to the wrong one .. headed to the next pool! Woohooo! This is the one! Set ourselves up with frozen Pink lemonade boozey drinks and jumped in the pool! Golden light bounced around the place, reflected from the golden glazed windows of the MGM Signature hotels.


I jumped in the pool spa and completely switched off for a while. I realised shortly after I was drifting off and decided I would rather not drown, so took my nap to the sun lounge. I could hear Kirsten, Rhys and Scott talking and laughing … I woke with the pattern of the chair deeply dented into my face and body which everyone got a giggle over, thanks guys! Sun was setting so it’s time to make dinner plans!

We have been living in each others pockets so I suggested we have a night to ourselves! I had done all the planning in the lead up to the holiday – so I had set Rhys the task of researching somewhere to eat tonight. It was around 6pm at this stage, so I decided to jump into the room spa bath while he did so and enjoy the down time before dinner.

This spa was heavenly! I put my head under the water to wash my hair and it felt like angels were washing my hair! haha! So what was meant to be a short time in the spa, turned into me checking the clock at 8:30pm and we hadn’t booked anywhere to eat! Rhys had a place in mind though, a lovely Italian restaurant. However, I was feeling so relaxed from my napping and spa’s I disputed the idea. “Rhys… let’s just do shake shack and chill in for the night” … He was like “nope! get dressed! You will love it!” … I sigh “Fineeee romantic night it is” Got dressed and ready to head out.


We headed to the Lobby, Rhys had booked an uber. However there is a black Lexus parked out front … I look at Rhys confused? “Did you order an Uber black???” … Its the right car according to the app! We get in. I look at Rhys shiftily. Rhys Laughs. The uber driver explains its super quiet in Vegas tonight, so he is taking any ride he can get. Score!

We arrive at the restaurant and it is quiet. It hits me like a brick how inappropriate my outfit is. Knee High boots and a playsuit. This place is classy … and I look like a lady of the night! HAHA!

Rhys is charming and wonderful all night. He orders wine AND DRINKS IT WITH ME! Which he rarely does! I was so pleased! … What is he up to? I am feeling pretty lazy after my relaxing evening, so I ask him to decide on my meals. He orders me a beef carpaccio (my fave), Osso Bucco and a seafood fettuccini.

The carpaccio comes out and our slightly awkward, but very attentive waiter starts to dress it with lemon, salt and pepper and then starts to roll it up and slice it? I hold myself back from yelling “Sacre bleu!” but thank him and take the plate. When he leaves, I undo his work and happily eat my Carpaccio, unrolled. The mains come out and the Osso Bucco came with a MASSIVE marrow bone. *shivers* YESSSSSS! I sat eating that for a good 10 mins literally just loving life. Wine, Marrow and Raw Beef. YES PLEASE! (I know it’s not normal) I am feeling slightly tipsy and totally loved up from my delicious food and relaxing day!

My favourite thing to do is to ask people deep questions. So of course … this was happening. I asked “Rhys … what are your top 5 dislikes. Not rubbish that everyone hates … dislikes that are unique to you!!” He asks for mine first.

My top Five:

  1. Sport
  2. Inappropriate Shirtlessness
  3. Accordion Players
  4. Guessing Games
  5. Cyclists

Rhys paused the questioning to say …

“Hey! Kirsten and Scott are on the strip … they want to go up the Eiffel Tower”

Me: “Ok .. They can do that, why don’t we go to the driving range instead, and meet them there??”

Rhys: “Nah! Lets go up the tower! I hear it’s awesome”

Me:” Don’t be ridiculous .. We went up the real Eiffel Tower and hated it .. Paris was awful … nah .. not for me, no thanks”

Rhys: *sigh* “Erin .. We are going!”

Me: “Urghhhhhhhhh DO I HAVE TO?!”

Apparently I had to.

People Call Rhys, Poor Rhys Pepper, I am starting to realise why! ahaha! I am difficult.

I wasn’t going anywhere until he answered my last question. He looked a little worried. Kept checking his phone. But I was determined. He managed to get his 5 dislikes out.

  1. Compromised Hands
  2. Stray Hair
  3. Gritty Bed
  4. Going to bed early
  5. Leaving a 20 min radius to get food

What’s your top 5 dislikes? Leave it in the comments! It’s a fun Q to answer

Rhys has answered, I am satisfied! We get another uber and head to Paris in Vegas … I am pouting. I hate crowds and absolutely hated Paris. This should be a blast.


This place is weird … it looks like daytime in here .. but it’s night! We head to the gates … $60 each …”Uhh .. no Rhys .. text the guys and tell them we will meet them down here”. He again laughs at me, pays the ticket price, grabs my hand and walks me to the escalator. I’m huffing like a child. Which is actually making us both laugh.

The lady checking the tickets gives me a rant about making sure I don’t let go of my appearance, otherwise my man will stray .. uh thanks lady? We get to the bridge, and theres a damn photographer … Really?? Rhys and I fakely smile, I am poking Rhys in the back cheekily whispering under my breathe “ooh I hope you are you loving this!”


We get in the lift and head up. I am smugly expecting the worst.

The doors open.

There is complete calm and quiet. Very few tourists, a calm breeze blowing around. It’s like a sanctuary in the middle of the chaos… and it is stunning.


The lady tells us we are here in time for the last two Bellagio water shows …  I look over the edge. The view is spectacular. I turn to Rhys “ok … you were right, I was wrong … this is beautiful. Thank you for convincing me to come!” I see Kirsten and Scott, Kirsten welcomes me with a brief hello and a detailed description of her arm chafing, Nice. Clearly romantic traits are in the family. Any suspicion that this may be a proposal flies out the window, as surely Kirsten would be in on it and would avoid talking about her arm chafe.

We watch the first Bellagio show in awe! The show ends, we capture images of the entire scenery and in no time at all the final show is on!! The star spangled banner plays, and the water dances.


I can feel the energy around me change. Rhys has gone quiet. I hold him tight. Hoping my joking aversion to a romantic night hadn’t upset him. He pulls away from me and my heart starts to beat faster. He tugs at my playsuit … I look down. He is on one knee. Something is in his hand, not that I can see, I am immediately blinded by tears.

“I love you Erin, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you Marry me??”


I turned to Kirsten and Scott who were staring at that damn Bellagio show like their lives depended on it! I tugged her arm “excuse me .. are you seeing this?” Kirsten swiftly grabbed my stuff out of my hand and I turned to give my full attention to Rhys

“Well!?”  He said

“OF COURSE!” I announce! Kissing him immediately and pointing the wrong hand in his direction. I ramble “I’m sorry, is that the right hand? I haven’t done this before?!” he says “ME NEITHER!” and he smoothly slipped the ring on before I knew what was really happening. I launched myself into his arms to hold him tight. I am so proud of him, and so honoured that he chose me!


I realise now why the poor boy waited 11 years. I am a pain in the butt!! Poor Rhys Pepper hahaha! All night I was trying to de-romanticise the evening. But honestly .. if he proposed at Shake shack that would have been very us! haha! I do love that he wanted the full romantic story, and I am so proud of him for not listening to me, and going for what he wanted. Which was apparently ME!? WOAH!

We went for a celebratory drink afterwards and honestly my head was in a cloud. Who do I tell? Is this real life?? Do I really have a fiancé? haha!


Rhys told me who was sitting waiting at home, knowing about the proposal, so we called them first to share the news. We realised soon after it was crazy O’Clock and we needed to rest. So our other favourites would need to wait until the next day. Tomorrow we are off to Palm Springs!!! Bed time for me and my fiancé! … Still weird saying that! haha!

I definitely had to ask one more deep question for Rhys before we slept … I looked at Rhys lovingly and asked him “Honestly Rhys … Seriously, Why?… Why did you let me dress like a hooker the night of our engagement?” HAHA!

Oh by the way .. I asked Kirsten for her top 5 dislikes .. she only had one. Being hungry … Shock 😐