Fireworks in Vegas

So this entire trip wasn’t really for our enjoyment. No … This trip was all planned for the soul purpose of getting car parts for Scott. Where do you get car parts? Vegas of course! For this reason, Vegas is obviously the trip highlight. I joke … but today I at my joking words as it totally was a trip highlight!

Scott had done his research and wanted to head to Figspeed but to be sure he was going to the best place for what he needed, he decided to go to Counts Customs first to ask if it was a good place to go.

I had no idea what Count’s Customs was and what a big deal it apparently is, but it was pretty cool! For those that don’t know, it is apparently a popular car show in the US, I mean I have no clue. Rhys, Kirsten and I just walked around confused and mocked the beautiful clothing that they sold haha!


Counts Customs did indeed confirm that Figspeed was THE place to go, so off we went. I expected to hate it, but the staff were a hoot. Totally knowledgable and funny to talk to. Kirsten, Rhys and I were in that weird delirious, sarcastic mode that made for plenty of laughs already and honestly the time spent here was a trip highlight, and yes … I am shocked. Scott ordered a crap tonne of car parts to collect before we leave, so he is a very happy (and probably very poor, dude)


Car rubbish behind us, time to explore!

I didn’t get to Yosemite or Death Valley, but I was determined to get to the Valley of Fire! An hours drive from Vegas, this place is beautiful! I really appreciate everyone trusting me and taking the long drive to weird photo locations! It’s made my trip a really great one! Not a word of complaint, great sites and hopefully great photos!

On the road we pull into a native Indian owned truck stop/fuel station. This place. Woah! It had everything… Kirsten and I are obsessed with processed, heatable foods haha! So I got some “White Castle” microwavable cheese burgers. Kirsten bought a packaged pickle (which .. I feel like she actually brought home with her haha) and honestly like $60 worth of other junk. While we were raiding the snack shelves Scott was delving into a more dangerous section … The fireworks section. Yes people. It is legal to buy and fire your own fireworks in Vegas ha! Scott was keen, but we shrugged it off and got back on the road.

Valley of Fire National Park is $10 for the whole car, which is super reasonable.

There were plenty jokes made on my behalf today. I am normally a conservative dresser. But on holiday, I wear whatever I want, because .. I am on holiday. So today I wore a playsuit .. loads of people wear playsuits, but apparently me wearing one is a mockable offence haha! Because Scott decided to start saying things like “look at you … in your little suit” or “just cruising the Nevada … in your little suit” HA! every sentence ended with “in your little suit” .. these guys are jerks.

Anyways … I had to get the ticket for the car to get into the park. So I jumped out and walked up to the park ranger “in my little suit” … hahaha … clearly the dude doesn’t see many women, let alone “in little suits” HAHAHAHAHA because he was very “attentive”. A few giggles later and we are in the national park! GAHD this place is STUNNING!

I am not going to say a lot about this place … I will let the images do the talking.


Lots of posing. (in my little suit). Time to go!

Sun is setting, and Scott has one thing on his mind … FIREWORKS. Kirsten got sensible for like three seconds and tried to talk him out of it, but decided he is a grown man and let him have his childish fun haha!

Fireworks are 2 for one .. or buy one get two free, dependent on what you order haha! This is the Valley of Fire after all! hahaha! Scott picked two of he largest possible! I got some cool pink ones and Rhys got all American and purchased the red, white and blue!


“Pyro Princess” for your kids violent explosive needs?! Niceeee! HAHAHA!

The firework firing station is conveniently parked behind the fuel station, right where the fuel bowsers park to rest. What could possibly go wrong :/ Scott. The fuel truck driver doesn’t seem too concerned. In fact, he seems positively excited to light this whole town up. Men and fire. All I kept thinking was, I wish I was wearing more clothing protection than this “little suit” HA!

Good news people. Fireworks are fun, and not at all dangerous! (haha! I am being serious!) It went off without a hitch, other than the fact that one fired sooner than Scott expected and he literally crapped himself – which I thankfully captured to enjoy for the rest of my life haha!


Fireworks are FUN! Fireworks at sunset in the Nevada desert! Total bucket list experience! Seriously good fun!

It’s getting dark and tonight we booked to go to Zumanity, which is basically Caberet Cirque De Soleil, we headed back to the room, got ready in 10 mins and headed down to the MGM buffet. $38 for all you can eat AND drink .. uhh YES PLEASE! We SMASHED IT! We didn’t have long pre-show but boy we did well! I started on ALL the carbs, then all the seafood .. but I only had one wine (disappointment) hehe!

Next was the show and it was brilliant! Highly recommend, it has everything you want from a Vegas show! Comedy. drag, nudity, circus, shocks and thrills!


Kirsten soaking my back with her fountain water hands … jerk.


Time for a few drinks. We walk to the Piano duelling bar!

2017-10-12_0051Kirsten was the one to wear dumb shoes tonight and she is blistered, so being the good sister I am I switched shoes and copped her crappy heels, which were much lower than my pair last night, so I thought I was safe … safe until my shoe felt moist and I realised it had burst my blisters HAHAHA GROSSSSSSS!!

Back to the MGM. We made friends with a barman, who got a tad creepy toward the end, but thats ok so long as Kirsten is getting good Bloody Mary’s hahaha! I multitasked and texted friends at home while rouletting (and losing haha) and of course headed back to the Frogger machine, because “I got the skills” haha! We didn’t get back to the hotel until around 4am … and I stayed up until silly o’clock again… damn you Perth .. keeping me from my sleep!

Ah well … Tomorrow/Today is going to be awesome … (you want to keep reading .. trust me)