Vegas Babyyyy …

Vegas. You have to go there once in your lifetime, right? I am mostly excited because Vegas means our very own hotel room … which means a real bed instead of a fold out couch… Yesssss!

I knew the drive would be beautiful! The plan was to go the very easy, straight forward route, which takes you through the Death Valley National Park! A great trip from what I am told…The drive started out pretty straight forward. Until the GPS had other plans …

“Take a left here”… hmmm … the road even looked shifty, but hey! Who are we to argue with the GPS.

Turns out the car navigation has a sense of humour as it sent us into what I think SHOULD have been called Death Valley! I cannot describe how scary/fun this drive was. Tight, windy, rocky, bumpy, roads. Scott was enjoying this greatly! He especially enjoyed speeding up over hills to the point that we got air! AIR … In THE hugest SUV on the planet … Safe to say I nearly pooped my pants on this drive, which could have been bad since we added like an extra 1.5hours to the journey on this route.


Listening to good tunes on the road and now this song will forever remind me of the stunning views and the days on the road.

It was a beautiful drive but we didn’t get to go through the Death Valley (come on?!) We went to a town nearby though, which was like an oasis in the dessert! Palms, casinos … and a Subway haha! We stopped for a bite to eat, some jerky tasters (I got to try BEAR jerky! YUM)


We drove a little out so we could at least get to the entry of the Death Valley National Park and then we hit the road again … NEXT STOP … VEGAS BABYYY



We pulled up and it all felt so familiar! I guess since it’s on TV and movies so much, it is all very recognisable! We pulled in to our hotel, The MGM Signature, and it is lush! The complimentary valet service made us feel like royalty, and then we headed up to our rooms which were absolutely incredible! and seriously good value for money!! Would recommend this place 100% Central to everything, and part of the main MGM complex, so you can walk through the whole thing.


Once we had settled in our things we headed out to explore. We explored on foot for ages. I was dumb and wore brand new heels (when will I learn) blisters on blisters (joy!)

Walking the strip just enjoying the atmosphere, our giant alcoholic slushes in hand (cos you can drink anywhere in Vegas), street performers, Bellagio show, flashing lights – This place has it going on!!


I do need to give these poor feet a rest .. and what is that I see … In & Out Burger?? YASS!! Time to stop in!! Delicious! I will likely do a post on the burgers alone and compare my faves! Since .. I will be eating a lot of them.


We jumped on a bus (THE DUECE … this will make sense soon) and headed to Old Vegas which is pretty far from the strip, but TOTALLY a must see!


This place is INSANE. Picture this. Lights and sounds. Music blasts through every pocket of the place. It is lit up like a Christmas tree on crack. 3 main music stages in close proximity, street performers with their own sounds, dancers on the strip side bars, men and women half naked asking for photos, people of every kind there in your face and then you look up and people are flying above you on a harness. This is the Vegas I expected. I could not stop saying “WOW” out loud.


So I have murdered my feet again, and I have resorted to walking old Vegas barefoot. Lets just pretend its a good experience, and not think about how gross that is. We jump into a tourist shop, and I buy some glittery hideous Vegas thongs haha! Feet saved. They don’t really make the outfit, but they will do!

We explored for ages, walking in awe of this hive of activity! An example of something Vegas offers… The Heart Attack grill … a place that serves anyone over 350lbs for free, with the most giant serves ever, and if you don’t finish them, the nurse waitstaff will paddle you, HARD. We watched through the windows, it was interesting. Like a human aquarium haha! Apparently 6 people have died there, and they are proud of it. Only in Vegas.


After a few hours in Old Vegas we decide to take ourselves back to the MGM to gamble. There’s a machine Kirsten has been keen to get to. Frogger! But first we need to find the damn bus.

We follow some lady who is directing some Germans to the bus stop, we decide to just follow. It wasn’t until we were walking for a bit that we realised the Germans were actually terrified for their lives. They were discovering this lady was a little bit loopy. haha! Of course this made her all the more interesting to Kirsten and I. Every time we asked her if we are heading to the bus stop, she would reply with “mmmm hmmm honey, I don’t need yo money, I got my own! My own man, my own house, my own navy cheques” … like ok lady! Thats cool, but where’s the fucking bus stop? haha! “You gotta get on the deuce, the XDX or the deuce, but I don’t need yo money, I got my own” clicking fingers and strutting! This was all on repeat over and over, with the occasional declaration ” I am SCARY y’all .. I am SCARY” … Ok, time to find the Deuce. We followed her for what felt like an eternity to the main bus terminal .. which is like 5 bus stops down the line. The Germans literally legged it to the first bus they saw and just jumped on HA! We just held back and talked to our new crazy friend, learning along the way that she is a nurse with a drinking problem. Oh Vegas.

We manage to get on the last Duece back into town, laughing a little and actually feeling richer for meeting that lovely drunk lady because thats what life is about right?!

Back on the strip, walked to the MGM.


We got ourselves a drink and found a casino game based on SKILL … Frogger! Kirsten was talking herself up! Loudly bragging “you need the skill, I got the skill” … $5 down, slightly defeated, and changed her tune … me however … somehow drunk enough to not overthink it and I made $20 straight away. Played that for a while and then realised, crap .. its 2:30am … and I am hungry.


So what should I eat? uh another burger of course. Johnny Rockets this time, and let me save you waiting for the full burger comparison review. They suck. But for 3am, it will do. I stay up texting people from home until far too late, but hey! Vegas isn’t for sleeping haha! Tomorrow we are off to the Valley of Fire – I can’t wait!