Back in Europe

Man … Despite being pretty tired post long haul flight, I feel pretty dang #blessed right now (lol)

I am back in Europe! This is something I thought I would only get to do once in my life and yet here I am, again!

I’m not certain I will blog in as much detail as I have in the past, but you know I love to be able to take and share photos. It is such a beautiful way to document everything that I am seeing and feeling right now.

Speaking of ‘feeling’ … Feeling  like a total derp right now … I failed to remember to get my spare camera battery + charger off the desk AT HOME (You can see why I document everything in photos .. The brain is shot, I tell ya!!)  So sadly, I don’t know how long I will be able to take these lovely camera shots … Maybe this will be a trip I see and feel and try to remember with just the ol’ brain haha! Maybe I will find a camera store with the exact charger I need? I kind of like that I don’t have a set plan for how I will choose to take this trip in. I am going to just ROLL WITH IT!

Todays adventure so far …

Don’t mind our post 20hrs of travel heads. WE MADE IT TO VENICE


Basically a private Taxi – 15euro public water taxi from the airport to near our accom.


Our beautiful Venetian Airbnb – I highly recommend this place! Great location! Beautiful apartment, everything you need! It’s quiet at night! Its just a little noisy with delivery carts and rubbish pickup in the AM, but otherwise fantastic!!

Click here to view or book it on Airbnb

… and if you want to be super duper even more awesomer, click here beforehand to book to share the love and top up my referral credit so I can keep travelling HAHA!


A chill night in with delicious produce we got from the local supermarket is exactly what we needed to re-energise for the days to follow!

While I can’t promise frequent blogs … I can promise I am going to try to have a freaking radical time with my lovely human companion, Chris. So far its been GREAT, lots of delirious laughs, the promise of stupidly good food and once we are less exhausted, plenty of adventure.

Big love all!