Venice – Day Two

Sleep was not a real thing last night. I am still a little out of sorts … but that wont get in the way of our day.  Mission? See some of Venice, Find a new camera charger, eat food.

Bit of research uncovered that indeed my charger and spare battery fell out of my bag in the overhead cabin on the plane. BOO! Which is worse than leaving it at home, as I need it for work when I get home. Universe had my back however … google turned up no results for where to find a replacement, but randomly on foot we bumped into a camera store. WINNER! No excuses now.

Photo timeee

©EMC_1©EMC_2-1©EMC_8We bought ALL the truffles! Truffle cheese, truffle & artichoke cream, truffle puree. YUM©EMC_13©EMC_15©EMC_16©EMC_18©EMC_19©EMC_28©EMC_30c2a9emc_25.jpgSo much walking 12,000 steps before 12:00pm©EMC_35©EMC_31©EMC_6©EMC_37©EMC_39Back to the room to put our goodies in the fridge and figure out where to head for lunch©EMC_40©EMC_44©EMC_42Lunch at: Il Migliore. Pizza, vino and Coca Cola with a slice of lemon! MMMmmmm©EMC_46©EMC_47©EMC_49©EMC_51©EMC_54©EMC_55©EMC_9-2©EMC_11-2©EMC_12-2©EMC_14-2©EMC_15-2Sunset Cocktails at: Continental Venice Hotel, with sarcastic waitstaff! Yes please!©EMC_20-2©EMC_21-2©EMC_23-2©EMC_24-2©EMC_26-2©EMC_27-2Dinner at Michelin starred – Ristorante Enotica La Colombina! Which was literally at our apartments front door! Delightful!!

I am so damn jet lagged, but I think we nailed todays mission! See you tomorrow all!