Venice – Day Three

©EMC_1-2Started the day with a great sleep and a breakfast of champions… Fresh bread and some of our Italian food haul. Truffle/artichoke spread, cheese, salami, butter and bread! Full and ready to adventure.

Today was ultra chill … decided to go wherever our feet wanted to take us. It took us in circles because we are idiots, still great.

©EMC_1-1©EMC_4-2©EMC_5©EMC_7©EMC_14You know … just me trying to make friends with the gulls. Failed. S’ok. Feelings were only hurt a teeeeeny bit.©EMC_16-1©EMC_18-1©EMC_20-1©EMC_24-1©EMC_27Gelato time. ©EMC_28-1.jpg©EMC_30-1©EMC_31-1©EMC_32Obsessed! This restaurant is across from our Airbnb.  The decor was divine, the food – even better … then onto a bakery for take home treats.©EMC_6-2©EMC_35-1©EMC_36©EMC_39-1Chris with his “bag of noms” Have you seen a happier Chris?? Probably not©EMC_40-1©EMC_41This was sticky and not nice to hold haha! but ya know. Photo hahaha!©EMC_43©EMC_5-2-1Chris picked this book for me at the airport! Great as I had already decided on this trip I will spend time each day to meditate! Perfect pick and great read so far.

©EMC_46-1©EMC_47-1©EMC_48Headed out for sunset cocktails.©EMC_49-1©EMC_50©EMC_54-1My first ever Bellini … quite yum! Chris’s 1000th mojito. Average©EMC_55-1Nonna’s watching the world©EMC_56©EMC_59Back at our new local for great Mojitos and funny’ish service … Yeahhh .. just funny’ish ©EMC_60©EMC_1-3

Tonight I cooked up a late night dinner with the produce we bought. Pretty good! The tomatoes are to DIE FOR! SO sweet and salty!

Time to chill in bed watching “The Undateables” on youtube … do yourself a favour. Watch it! it makes my heart so happy!! Goodnight all! (or good morning from wherever you are in the world!)