Venice – Day Four

Today was, wandering until our feet hurt (actually my entire body … because shit, I am getting old) We haven’t really had a goal with our walking, just exploration and today we wanted  to pretty much clock the place so we have seen it all.

©EMC_2-3©EMC_5-1©EMC_10©EMC_11©EMC_13-1©EMC_17©EMC_22©EMC_20-3©EMC_24-3©EMC_27-1We found a really pretty part at the tip of Venice that was so different to everywhere else! Big wide roads with no canals, public gardens and the views were the wider waters.  There was a super yacht (above) docked nearby and shiittttt it was insane! We tried to hazard a guess as to who would be cruising on something like this.©EMC_28-2©EMC_29©EMC_32-1©EMC_33©EMC_36-1©EMC_38-1Oh hey!©EMC_39-2©EMC_40-2©EMC_45©EMC_48-1Started to lose the plot for a bit with the crowds, heat and my screaming calves, so we stopped for a refreshing (awful) cocktail. Chris’s actually tasted like mouthwash. His response “well this is something” and he still drank most of it… Lord. No thanks©EMC_49-2©EMC_51-1©EMC_55-2©EMC_1-2-1On our Airbnb’s recommendation we stopped in at Ostaria da Rioba .. and no kidding, I was sat next to Brit Marling of the Netflix series “The OA” I know there is a big international movie festival here at the moment, so I thought we may see someone shiny and famous haha! I decided to not be a weirdo and keep my camera in my bag mostly so she didn’t feel like a was pappin’ and just enjoy her Venetian lunch.

Home time for a nap … and then we will head out again to eat and drink and make the most of our last full day in Venice! I am going to miss our little Venetian home.


Nap done! Refreshed and time for Cicchetti + afternoon drinks! Cicchetti are small snack or side dishes and they are yum!


Feels very Spanish to me! but apparently this is a Venetian MUST! After our snack, we headed straight to dinner. Our new regular, where I had … you guessed it. Carpaccio. MY FAVOURITE.


A little chill in the room and then we headed to a rooftop bar for Jazz. Loads of oldies, and the hotel was super old fashioned, but I really enjoyed the music!

Jazz done, bags packed, ready for our next destination.I have to say, I fell even more in love with Venice this time around! I don’t remember it being so pretty and I appreciated it’s rambling, rustic gorgeousness even more this time around. I will be sad to say goodby to Venice, but it’s HELLOOOOO Florence!