We arrived in Florence

Today we were mostly in transit … but can we just take a moment to acknowledge how great the Europe rail lines are?? In less than two hours we went from Venice to Florence! SUPER easy … the walk to our Airbnb with cases, not so much… but thats behind us now.

We are here. Our Airbnb in the air. A penthouse apartment in the middle of Florence. I had booked a hotel originally – Hotel Glance – which was lovely and reasonably priced .. but it just didn’t feel “right” so when I found this beauty last minute on Airbnb, I knew to cancel our plans. SO happy I did .. and you know why?? Not because of the space, the ridiculously good panoramic views, the special touches like wine and toiletries on the bed .. but because of the people that greeted us like family on arrival and excitedly talked to us about their city and our home for the next few days.

They cutely spoke over each other as they described all the features of this adorable apartment and of their city and its freaking awesomeness. They drew all over a tourist map with all the places we MUST see (Which we loved) and we are so happy to be here.

This apartment was our hosts, mothers home .. They plan to renovate it, and make it something pretty great in the next year .. if you ask me .. it already is.

If you want to book this Airbnb head to: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/14341779

This place is in the perfect location and being 5 floors up (with a lift, so don’t worry about stairs) It is silent!! A little haven in the hustle of town.

©EMC_1-4©EMC_18-2©EMC_9©EMC_3©EMC_12©EMC_4©EMC_8-1©EMC_11-1©EMC_16-2©EMC_19-1Exploration time… ©EMC_21©EMC_24-4©EMC_25-1©EMC_27-3©EMC_28-3©EMC_29-1©EMC_30-2©EMC_33-1©EMC_34We ventured out to the Mercato Centrale for a drink – I also got fried Sage .. not as good as you imagine. Dang it… and then to the ultra freaking awesome (host recommended) L’antica pizzeria da Michele  They recommened the fried Pizza … yes. FRIED EFFING PIZZA … guys did you read that??? … fried effing pizza.

We tossed up ordering one each and decided to share .. THANK GOD .. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS THING. (sorry for yelling … I am writing this while drinking the bottle of tuscan red the airbnb left me.. ahhhemm .. I mean us)


I don’t remember there being SO many people, cars and army presence in Florence last time I was here! I won’t lie, it doesn’t feel as magical as my last visit.


More exploration, grocery shop and home to watch some weird ass Italian television, drink wine/coffee, eat cheese and just chill out!

©EMC_53Ps… this is where our apartment is … pretty great huh? ©EMC_54-2Chris decided we should walk up the stairs to the apartment .. I am hoping this isn’t because he is worried about the amount of food I am consuming this holiday. lol EH!©EMC_56-2©EMC_58©EMC_60-1Sunset views are great here! See you tomorrow Florence