Florence – Day Two

Today started well! I always wake a bit earlier than Chris to catch up with emails and talk to my home people or read a book and when Chris wakes the day begins. Todays breaky was brought to you by fresh bread, sugar pretzels, pistachios and truffle cream.


Today Chris set himself up to eat his nutella with a bloody spectacular view of Florence and then we got ready and hit the town to explore… oh and by the way folks .. while reaching in to a random pocket in my bag .. I found my freaking charger. Sigh .. ah well!

©EMC_1-5©EMC_2-3-1©EMC_3-1©EMC_6-1©EMC_12-1©EMC_13-2©EMC_15-1©EMC_16-3There were three little shops like this selling focaccia’s and the lines were HUGE!! Gotta be a good sandwich to pull those kinds of crowds!

As we meandered through the streets a lovely young Italian woman ran up to me … to tell me my dress was tucked into my knickers.

Guys. Mortified

This means this was like this ALL DAY WITHOUT ME KNOWING. Thank goodness I am in a foreign country, I never need to see these people again. JEEEEZ!!!! Many giggles followed

©EMC_18-3©EMC_17-1All of a sudden the clouds rolled in, and the rain POURED down. We walked through the city in the rain, not phased at all about getting soaked. Listening to the thunder clapping around us. It was beautiful! We are big storm fans. We sheltered from the weather in a local restaurant recommended to us by our Airbnb hosts, La Ghiottina©EMC_21-1©EMC_23©EMC_25-2We were sat next to this cool dude. Cooper! He was scared with the thunder and lightening and was hiding under the table. Poor little diggy (my word for dog, mum, not a typo haha cos I know you’re spell checking this thing haha) ©EMC_26Lunch was freaking AMAZING!!! Our best meal yet!! We ordered a pasta dish and the Florentine Steak and it was hands down the best steak I have eaten in my life. We are VERY HAPPY right now! If you’re in Florence … eat here! EDIT: WE STILL THINK ABOUT THIS PASTA OFTEN!! Eat here!

Great moment. Chris thought carefully about what word to say in Italian to thank the chefs! He walked past them on the way out and enthusiastically exclaimed “bravo”…

Which seemed perfect, until we went home and googled it to discover it meant “good boy”

HAHAHHAAHA!©EMC_27-4Back to the room for a quick nap/food coma and waiting for the weather to get a little nicer and then we want to explore the region beyond the river.

We walked a BUNCH! SO many hills, so many wrong turns, but no matter, it’s all part of the adventure. ©EMC_32-2©EMC_33-2©EMC_39-4©EMC_41-1©EMC_43-2©EMC_46-3©EMC_50-2©EMC_52©EMC_54-3More hills, this time with steps. I am dying. Hills are my enemy I am discovering!©EMC_55-3©EMC_56-3Walking up the steps to the sounds of this guy playing guitar was pretty nice though©EMC_57©EMC_4-2-1What happens when you think you have the other side of the camera on. derp.©EMC_63©EMC_64The stairs nearly killed me … but the view from the top was so worth it! Piazzale Michelangelo©EMC_65I mean look at it, would you just loooook at ittttt! haha©EMC_70©EMC_71Chris showing all the people posing for their instagrams how it should be done. #nailedit©EMC_73©EMC_74©EMC_75©EMC_77©EMC_82©EMC_89Chris asked me to do a handstand for a photo … just flashed the world my ass and fell over. I also #nailedit. ©EMC_96©EMC_97Walked over to the Golden View Open bar, which came highly recommended for its views to Ponte Vecchio.  We just ordered a couple juices and took a moment to chill out and take in the view. Now to head home and rest our tired legs, another 17,000 steps so far and counting.©EMC_100©EMC_101After watching a movie and resting our tired legs, we decided we wanted to order another delicious fried pizza for takeaway. Bring it back to our apartment and watch Stranger Things on Netflix. It was so cool to watch the pizza being made for us!©EMC_1-5-1©EMC_2-4©EMC_4-3©EMC_5-3©EMC_6-3©EMC_7-2-1I think we nailed our Florence explorations today! See you tomorrow all!