Florence – Day Three

The days are starting to fly by now! Likely because I keep napping in the afternoon after our big lunches. It’s a tough life.

Florence is a little bit too busy at the moment, so we are really enjoying heading away from the main tourist area. Ironically even though we are smack bang in the middle of the action, it is SILENT in our apartment! Our little haven 5 levels up!

Today we lazed around in the apartment and slowly got ready. Then went on an adventure to try perfumes, as mine leaked on the flight over. No joy, so we went back to our local for another incredible lunch!

©EMC_2-2©EMC_8-3©EMC_11-3This place is ridiculous. Seriously! Go to La Ghiottina when in Florence!!

After a couple wines we took a little walk in a direction we haven’t been yet and bumped into Officina de’ Tornabuoni. I bought a little natural perfume from them. Pretty expensive and not my normal scent, but eh! When in Florence ey?

©EMC_13-3©EMC_14-1©EMC_16-4©EMC_20-4©EMC_3-4Home for my regular afternoon gratitude journaling and nap time (supposed to be meditating .. but ya know .. similar right?) I love naps.

When I woke, Chris asked if we can get some Gelato! Great plan .. until he asked for the biggest tub, which I asked him to rethink … but no. Couldn’t talk sense into him.

©EMC_5-2-3©EMC_8-2-1I mean he looks so happy! How could I deny him! Go on! Eat your weight in ice-cream Chris! You do you!! ©EMC_7-2-2©EMC_11-2-1Home to finish our gelato and then plan the route to find cocktails!!

On the hunt for  GOOOOOD Mojitos! ©EMC_2-2-1©EMC_12-2-1Found a place called “Fuk” yep. And the cocktails were YUM! I had a few whisky sours, Chris had a few Mojitos! Happy days! The menu was in anime comics! Adorable!©EMC_14-2-1©EMC_15-2-1©EMC_4-2-2As soon as we stood up to leave Chris realised he was drunk, I was somehow sober (scottish blood I say) We decided to order uber eats to the room and chill in for our last night in Florence. It was a giggle filled walk home! SO many laughs …

Until the giant Gelato from earlier met Chris’s Mojitos.

You know where this story ends.

Ha! Poor lad. Gelato 1 Chris 0

Onto Tuscany tomorrow!! Can.NOT.wait