Tuscan Adventures

What a day. We looked out the window to dark grey clouds. The rains are coming. We ventured out into it to head to the station for our train trip to Siena. We thought we would get some Euros before we left Florence, as we may need cash in Tuscany. (big mistake) We expected to be looked after like we were in Aus, and realised they charged us 100 euro for the exchange. Extortion. Lesson learnt! Try an ATM with your card first folks!!

©EMC_1-7©EMC_9-4Hop on the train to Siena and half way through the train stops and we are told the lines are damaged and a “rail replacement bus will be here in 20 mins” … an hour passes. NOTHING. Everyone is so confused and annoyed… except one guy … who pulled out his trumpet and made music to lift the mood.©EMC_5-5©EMC_21-4©EMC_22-2The rail replacement buses never arrived, however 1.5hours later the next train to Sienna arrived, so we all jammed into that! Apparently the rails were fixed! Win. On arrival to Siena we went to the taxi bay to travel onto our accomodation. The taxi line was MASSIVE and there were no cabs waiting. But sure enough, with a little more waiting, we were in a cab and on our way to our beautiful hotel.©EMC_33-4©EMC_35-3©EMC_37-3©EMC_38-3Coming up to the gates was an experience in itself. Gated and we needed to say who we were to gain access. OOOooooooh! haha!

You know its a good place to stay when someone shows you around. The staff gave us a fully guided tour of the place and it is RIDICULOUSLY beautiful! Photos absolutely don’t do this place justice! But here are a few anyways .. and I will let them do the talking for how stunning this hotel is!

We are staying at Hotel Le Fontanelle. HIGHLY recommend.

©EMC_39-5©EMC_40-5©EMC_42-2©EMC_46-5©EMC_45-2©EMC_49-5©EMC_16-5©EMC_17-2©EMC_52-2©EMC_54-4©EMC_55-4©EMC_67-1©EMC_57-1©EMC_59-1©EMC_61©EMC_63-1©EMC_66©EMC_70-1©EMC_74-1©EMC_73-1©EMC_80©EMC_76©EMC_77-1©EMC_88©EMC_97-1©EMC_85©EMC_86©EMC_101-1©EMC_104©EMC_92©EMC_112©EMC_113©EMC_115©EMC_123©EMC_130©EMC_134©EMC_12-3©EMC_136©EMC_139I took a walk and explored the grounds on my own when we first arrived and I was holding back happy tears. The stillness and peace that this place has is unbeatable! Bring on a couple days of total relaxation.

The onsite restaurant is a 2019 Michelin starred restaurant! and the food. FAULTLESS! Damn. We are in a good place.


Tomorrow we originally had a cooking class planned, but cabs are too difficult/expensive to book here, so we cancelled it and plan to just rest and relax by the pool. Great plan if you ask me!!