Tuscany – Day Two (please last forever)

Day Two in paradise. This place. GAHD! Chris has decided he must have been switched at birth as this is his true home, in the Tuscan countryside.

Initially the fanciness of this place was a little intimidating, but now, we are ALL IN. Bring on all the fancy. We are fancy as heck.

Todays plans are hectic. Breakfast, Poolside hangs, maybe a walk or two, lunch (maybe) and dinner. How will we possibly fit it all in?!


I wont lie. Everything is scary expensive here. I’m talking $10 for a small glass of coke or water expensive. Breakfast is included however, so you know I am going to load up on that business. Breakfast for me was croissant + ham heaven. Cheeses drizzled with honey, eggs and sausages + cereal too. … and guys. The teabags are silk … uhm CRAZY! We waddled back to the room to prep for a quick walk of the grounds.


We found the perfect spot to come back to with our books this afternoon! Its a lush little shady spot at the bottom of the grounds below their vineyards. I am reading a few books at the moment. But today I am reading a book my sister lent me “The bride stripped bare” – bit saucy, but good so far!


Back to the room to bather up and prepare for a tough few hours by the pool.

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It was just us and one other couple for most of the day! I mean how lucky are we?!


Dressed again and off to lunch!

Latte machiatto, wine, spaghetti, fries and vittello tonato. YUM


After lunch we followed a really long trail off the property with our books so we could find a few spots to read and chill. We found an incredible lily covered lake. Again SO peaceful and pretty. Our secret little spot, that I am now sharing with the whole internet. Sorry Chris.


This is bliss. Guys. Book a ticket to Siena. DO TUSCANY. Immediately.


This afternoon ended with me relaxing in the spa and just zenning out! and then dinner. Another INCRED meal! Couldn’t be a better way to spend the second day in Tuscany to be honest.


I am so exhausted from all my resting now though. haha goodnight all!