Barcelona – Day Twenty Five

2nd August
Dad’s birthday is today and I promised I would call him in the evening. I made Rhys some breakfast and watched some MTV  so that we could call dad at about 12:00pm – 7:00pm their time. It was nice to hear from them. Don’t like being so far away though, especially on birthdays. Hope you had a good birthday dad! and I am on the hunt for the mustard!
After speaking to my folks we headed to the main beach in Barcelona, near Barcelonetta train station. It was definitely an experience! It was packed with people everywhere you looked! Even finding a spot to put your stuff was a challenge!  Seeing this beach made me realise how lucky we are in WA! Our beaches are pristine! This beach was not … the sand looked more like dirt it was so brown and the water was a muggy green/brown colour… there were cigarette butts everywhere you looked, in the water all over the sand, wasn’t so nice! Sun baking was hillarious! There were people walking up and down the beach selling things. There were loads of them! You could buy almost anything. So while you are in a serene calm place lying in the sun all you can hear is “COLA, FANTA, CERVEZA, AGUA” “MOHITO, DORITO, BURRITO” “MASSSAAGGGEEE” haha so funny!
You could buy dresses, sunglasses, drinks, temporary tattoos, get your hair braided, buy fresh coconut, hot food… anything! It was really cool! But not very relaxing.
After being harassed for a while we decided to go grab some lunch. We went to a really nice looking restaurant on the marina, that we thought had to be good because the prices were up there, but we are always willing to pay good money for good food. We didnt really get good food ahaha but we had food in our bellies and that was the main thing.
After we headed home for a shower and I fell asleep reading my book, Rhys dragged me out of bed for one last night out in Barcelona. I was pretty tired and couldn’t be bothered, but headed along to “la rambla” again, I decided we should follow some dodgy alleyways along because thats where the good food hides. We were being asked if we wanted weed by a few dodgy characters along the way so we started to lose hope of finding good tapas until we saw a really old building with giant doors and a tapas menu at the front we decided to walk in and saw that there was a beautiful garden inside and amazing music coming from where the restaurant was. It was really busy and there were people waiting out the front to get in, so we decided this was the place to be. We didnt have to wait long and we got a seat. The menu was fantastic!
Beef carpaccio, melon y jamon, chorizo, gaspacho, patatas bravas… we decided to skip the carpaccio because we have had so much of it lately but we got the other dishes I listed. Wow wow wow! Fantastic meal! The wine was amazing! The vibe was even better! The band that came out was so great we bought the cd just to remind us how great the night was. We were dancing in our seats while eating this amazing food and we couldn’t have asked for a better end to our stay in Spain…
I loved Spain! Every minute of it! It’s a beautiful country and the people are beautiful too! We area headed back to France tomorrow … which sucks I could have stayed longer in Spain, and to think we almost weren’t going to come here … You all must visit Spain!